If seein dead with action skill damage

Tell me what you need I’ll see if I have it.

I’ve got one w action skill damage, smg, and weapon crit. You got any good bear trooper, rocketeer or raging bear class mods?

No sorry I’ll let you know if I come across any. If I do I’ll hit you up

Hmm what about any level 60 old god shields?

have 1 with +5 donny, cd,splash and action skill dmg, looking for :

Weapons_ level 60
M10 120 melee Hydrafrost with 300/90
M10 120 melee Linoge with 300/90 (Fire, Coro)

Classmods_ level 60
Breaker COM (+1 Find your Center, +4 Jab Cross)
Melee damage, Cooldown
and 1 of this stats:
Splash damage, damage reduction

or lvl 60 grenades (recur hex, mitosis hunter seeker, its piss etc.)

I have theses is interested