If The Borderlands Live show Scarf guy or Neon lights lady could ask Devs questions for us?

What would you have them ask?

imagine we got actual feedback towards devs on issues and they heard and responded?

Post some Good questions. Be respectful. Ill relist em here.

Sometimes we all have the same questions or same issue but we rarely get the perfect summary to ask.

10 of us say " blah blah blah dis no good blahhhhhh!
Why you do deeeeees?!", And then one person comes along.and says

"players are experiencing this, this has the affect of, This and that, is this intentional?"

Having answers from the devs would give us insight and we’d stop bickering.

It’d really help if we had a Dev on Twitter who was accessible the way Thylander was for The Division 2

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question: Are you looking into reworking the anointment system? If they are staying like they are now are you looking into a way of rerolling them ? Have you considered reducing the bonusses in the 10-15% range instead of 100-300%? The anointement system as is overshadow gun mechanics and character skills performances and also add in a insane layer of RNG to an already RNG heavy loot system.


Lets refine it together because thats a good question.

Lets nail down the simplest words.

Just to play devils advocate - how would reducing the bonuses help with the rng game ? If there was a new anoint that gave 15% bonus damage and that was the highest, people would still try and endlessly farm for that since it offered the best damage output.

I think the bigger issue is the damage on most guns right now just isn’t cutting it. Even with a God roll anointment, the crappy guns are overshadowed by the ones that actually work

See our questions beget a bigger can of worms which begets more questions which is harder to answer.

We need a HOOD haiku shakesbeer to refine our words. Into simple questions which can get good answers.

Ill see if scarf guy or neon lady have twitters.


i like SchviftyFive better.

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Whats that somemkinda 5ply Scandinavian toilet paper?

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lol, host of the ultimate vault hunters.

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Oh i had no idea legit thats her name. When i play it i have noidea what she was saying

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My first time.seeing ultimate vault hunters btw thanks.


Who would be brave enough to stick their head above the parapet?

If anointment gives you extra 15% DMG you farm it to minmax. If anointment gives you 300% DMG you farm anointment first and foremost, gun that happens to be attached to it second. That’s one of the biggest reasons I’m not playing anymore.

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They need to take a clue from thylander. Even if ubisoft is … Corporate ■■■■■■■■… His community feedback kept the game positive. Instead of rambling his answwrring questions often enough pacified and satisfied.

It gave ppl a sense not to argue or go crazy, a place to report exploits etc. I myself even got feedback direct from him… As a lead dev thats insane and shows a paradigm shift into making a healthy community.

Ppl are better natured than we give credit for… It’s just everyone turned sour with secretiveneas and constant bugs… Lack of acknowledgement is huge.

We’d be a better place with some real feedback instead of silence. And a ok look and pray patch notes.

Cause if a redustributor drop and has the bonuses i want, i dont really care about the anointement if its 10% damage, i wont refarm the same gun for 200 more runs. Thats my point. Annointments should be small bonuses that are cool to have but not mandatory.

Small anoints does 2 things, remove a big layer of RNG and give back the guns their shinny appeal. I got 3 anarchy yeaterday, 1 that was perfect but it was anointed airborn. A badass gun got vendored and thats solely because of the anointment on it

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I disagree. As I stated earlier, the anointments aren’t the real issue here, they strongly need to work on general gun balance first. There are many guns right now that even with one of the OP anointments, still doesn’t even tickle enemies on m10.

I believe that they need to keep some reason for farming weapons. If they make all the anointments super generic, what’s the point of even farming at all? That’s usually the point where I would personally stop playing because there would not be anything to really aspire to obtain.

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thats very true. Its part of the problem.