If the cartel event boss fight was tweaked a little bit, it could be top tier endgame content

Another post about adding raid bosses to this game for us to fight.

I’ve seen almost nothing but good feedback about the gameplay of the new cartel event. It checks all the boxes of what mayhem can really look like in this game. A short action packed experience that feels unique and has variety in enemies every single run. You fight different minibosses everytime you enter this place. It’s not required to go through the entire map, but you have the option to explore every area and seek out extra minibosses and rewards. When you accept the mission from maurice to kick joey’s ass for calling maurice a cheater, you fight a different faction of Joey’s gang each time as well. Creating variety and fun end game content with even more unique rewards. Now I know this is a limited event, and I’m not gonna ask again to make this permanent. But I can’t help but feel like if there were a raid boss at the end, that this would be equally good end game content to the Maliwan Takedown. Now I understand gearbox approach to raid bosses in this game, and wanting them to be locked behind mobs and an actual raid itself, but the cartel event seems extremely similar to that, just on a much smaller scale. Now when it comes to the joey fight itself, it was never meant to be a difficult raid boss fight. Honestly up until the point where you are actually fighting joey feels very good to play through as well! It’s just that once we get to joey, he’s kind of just like a militant type enemy but with a bit more health. So yeah, this is pretty much a ‘please give us another raid boss’ post. And yeah I know the guardian takedown will be added to the game very soon too, so we are getting another raid boss. But just my two cents on the cartels, and if the end boss were more difficult, I feel like it would be comparable to the Maliwan Takedown, easily.

Also kind of want to take this opportunity to point out the gameplay loops that are especially good about this event.

Evolution - I noticed the minibosses evolve. This is a great alternative to immunity phases. This allows the boss to not die fast, but is not immune for 30 seconds for no reason. This is great.

Boss spawns after mobbing - This is another great alternative to immunity phases. Each boss spawns after mobbing first. This is a great way to make gameplay longer. The best example is the joey fight, he is actually just straight up immune, but you have to kill minibosses to unlock it. This is kind of like captain haunt, but way better. It doesn’t feel good to have bosses immune for periods of time for no reason, and captain haunts immunity didn’t feel great either. But killing minibosses to kill the real boss feels good haha. And rewarding each way through since they can all drop loot :slight_smile:


I could not say what you said any better and totally agree,would love to see this game go in that direction and some how phase out the immunity stages of the much hated bosses like Rampager where you would have to kill mobs of Eridian’s before he would emerge from the vault,then for us Vh’s to lay the smack down

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You make a fairly good point. The event, tweaked, would be a nice raid. Things like this event and raid bosses etc. would give this game the end game content it lacks right now.

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Amen! Joey does have an immunity phase after you take away the armor bar, but it is very brief. And I do like the evolution phases of the mini-bosses. Quick transitions without the long pause where there’s nothing to do but dodge and wait.

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