If the game is very buggy to you, is there a reason you haven't refunded?

All recent big releases released in a worse state than I’ve seen in a long time. I’m curious why we put up with it.

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Karen: I’d like to see your managers manager!

Seriously though, I’m sure most places will let you trade for something else.

Because it is good.

People just want perfection but nothing is perfect. So yeah

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Because it’s still the best game I’ve played in years
Problems aren’t that severe anyway, the avarice among the community is just what happens when you spend the last several months building up to your release with controversy after controversy

I’m hoping for a patch, and I bought it on PS4 so I don’t really want to invest the time in exploring the refund prices, assuming there even is one

I’ve been arguing with the rep and they are just flat out refusing refunds. They toss out the generic 2 hour/14 day policy but that policy covers “any reason” not because the product is broken, so they’re just out right crapping where they eat at this point.