If the VHs on BL2 were playable, who would transition best?

Any slag skill would be changed instead to cryo.

I would go with Zero. Cryo already gets buffs from melee and to apply Kunai to an enemy while having a chance to freeze them would be insane.

If ruin and scorn were cryo, maya would be pretty beastly.

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Quick response god damn! Haha.

Yeah I was thinking just how awesome a cryo scorn would look. Imagine the balance BL2 would of had if it was in TPS.

With the amount of flesh enemies permeating this game, Krieg would fit RIGHT in.


Salvador would be just as ridiculous as he was… and maybe even more so, since Brawn might actually scale better in this game…

Also, Sal with lasers…
also, Sal with a cryo shotgun in one hand, and a explosive shotgun in the other… with a Hoarder COM…


All they’d need to do is buff money shot.

I believe my Deputy Sal build would not make the transition too well though: that much power is unnecessary outside of BL2’s UVHM… and it’s not a fast build. so hoarder builds would be the best deal for him.

Gonna go with sal!! Cryo Hail in the right hand… Casual Ravager in the other… Sweet Symphony

While we’re making those kinds of combos, I would prefer a Legendary hoarder com, Torguemada in one hand, Fridgia in the other if the damage output is enough to not need matching guns, Otherwise, dual Party line…welcome to the firework show!


Dual Hails for crit bonus would be pretty sweet.

My main reason I did not choose Krieg was because he would struggle keeping up every time an enemy would hit him. In low gravity, even with his already heavier weight, it would be huge pain to be constantly floating.

This is a good point to mention, actually.

Salvador would be a monster in TPS.

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A legendary Catalyst Gaige with the vibra pulse or rosie would do some pretty impressive damage… Not to mention all the elemental chance/damage buffs she can get… It would get out of hand quick lol


Change ice for slag and Maya becomes Aurelia (so close its not funny). I would say Maya with ice-phase lock would be a walking the the park in BL:TPS.

Only 2 who I think would suffer slightly are Gaige and Axton.

Sal can now hold a cryo in one hand, and a fragnum in the other.
Maya can freeze large groups of enemies.
Krieg can now jump 10 TIMES AS HIGH!
Never played as Zero but something something, to the moon!

I thought along these lines immediately. Cryo in the off-hand, explosive in the main–say, Fridgia + Ravager. Unstoppable.

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first thought was OMG sal would be even more beastly theeeeen crept Axton. OMG dual cryo-longbow-maglock-rocket turrets.

scorn = instant freeze the room

I suppose Kunai would still get bonuses for Frozen enemys. If ranked damage skills scale better, Maya could be pretty beastly with Cataclysm as more than an excuse to get Reaper and Ruin.

Sal is gonna be broken no matter what.

Imagine Cryo Turrets with Rockets though.

Gaige wouldn’t handle the change too well. I suppose Deathtrap would kill better, but as a stack based murdermachine she’s weaker than Athena, and Wolf beats Deathtrap in every way.

Krieg doesn’t seem to belong on the moon. his high weight reduce liw gravity bonuses, And fire, his second favourite toy, was nerved in vaccums,