If there is no gun adjustments today

  • i will be extremely gutted
  • there has to be! half the buffs miss the mark anyway
  • nah it’s fine i like using same 10 guns anyway

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I would very much like to see some buffs but honestly I’m not getting my hopes up. I don’t expect anything today. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t an update until the next patch.


Which is exactly what Noelle said in the last hotfix notes.

I expect nothing

And if it’s the same person who put -200% accuracy and -30% crit damage to one of the most fun and rewarding precision weapons in the game just to make burst fire more appealing, and a game changing +13% to autoaime then i also want nothing.

If it’s someone else, then i wouldn’t mind some class balance nerfs actually.


where was this said can you gimme a reference/quote? surely i thought bit about hotfixes was a joke

Here it is

I definitely remembered it wrong. I thought Hotfixes were still going to occur uncommonly on Thursdays but it looks like they’ll only be for emergencies. So Hotfixes are basically totally dead it seems


I did the “nah, it’s fine…” one as a joke, thinking I’d be the only one. But turns out I’ve unwittingly become part of a trend! :hushed:

I think that it actually is “fine” to not get a new bunch of adjustments today, but I think that there is still a lot that could be done. We are just through with most of the “this must change!” type of balancing acts.

Or in short: Just because it’s fine doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be better!

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I’m hoping for at least an announcement for when the next Borderlands Show will be. Although I probably expect an announcement some time next week for a mid-October show announcing a Late October patch + Halloween Event.
Basically I’m hoping for an announcement of an announcement date.

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Yep, its code lingo for "we’re giving up on the base game. "


Where’s the option “who cares? Not playing anymore”?


Simply just close the app and don’t open it.

No way
What if they decide to suddenly fix their game?
I really need to stay up to date


Then I guess you don’t need said option.

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I think it is always valid to have that option to show gbx how many people are sick of the current state of the game :l


I wouldn’t get your hopes up. GearBox’s commitment to the season pass holders, and the rest of the player base , came to an end after the the first year.

I’m sure they will release hotfixes/updates periodically, but will not be announced.

Well it seems we’re getting nothing today :man_shrugging:

I know I would certainly click in that vote, especially if it said “Not playing anymore because I have found new games that don’t crash my console or leave me with the feeling I paid full price for a beta program.”


Hopefully the patch will be worst the thime , it’s been 2 month without big change to the game and i hope this patch change a lot of things and quality of life to the game a lot of people and streamer agree with the same things over and over , we just have to wait but with the next DLC come in very soon don’t except a lot of change