If there was a battleplan today

What would you hope would be on it?

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A recap of their progress, an event lootpocalips, a chaos rumble of characters pre nerf/balance.

Where bb aims to be and how they are planing on adress pc isseus, a ■■■■■■■ plan to save it.

Maybe skins/taunts they are working on.
What they want to achive with some characters, how they are going to change them.

  • Ultimate kill fix in bots battle.
  • x2 exp event. (for the love of god, why no events this year? It’s like they are doing everything on purpose to kill this game as quick as they can)
  • Golden pad fix.

And then they could talk about free to play, cause PC platform is dead.

[I don’t want any recaps. Every fan already knows all those things and every non-fan doesn’t even read it nor care about it anyway].


I don’t need x2 exp :frowning: but I’d love a lootpocalypse :slight_smile:

I’d just like to see more info on the upcoming patch!

  • Lore
  • Shift code
  • One new hint for the next update

More d & d lore of course. I want to know how HULKULEEZ and friends are getting on in their dorky adventures!!

Oh and Dr Lucavi’s day of reckoning I suppose. And you Galilea. And you, dwarf!


Dank memes.


I want to know exactly what balance changes are being done and why they ​came to that conclusion.

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Nobody is even mentioning that the Character info was better before the winter update.
You have less info now, which for new users doesn’t make much sense.

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Some kind of info on character fixes that isn’t “here’s the characters we are looking at in the next patch that we have no idea when is coming”

I’d like a more specific time frame than the guess we have.


We have gotten a general idea of some characters’ changes coming up. The dev team has said they are looking at toning down Beatrix’s silence, Galilea’s CC, Boldur’s damage. I would like to know more of the specifics than that but it’s still more than just knowing which characters have their attention.

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There should have been a special Battleplan today, filled with goodies to encourage players to hang around.


They are going to “balance” all tanks right?

The roles of supports and defenders are being adjusted if I recall correctly. So I’m hoping that means tanks won’t function as assassins and healers won’t wave clear better than most of the cast.


Nuuuuu I like having the versatility that some of the support have when it comes to wave clear (specifically ambra and alani)

Nothing is certain yet, and Ambra wasn’t mentioned in the list of characters getting attention in the next update if I recall correctly.

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The list is:

El Dragón
Kid Ultra

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It’s worth noting that Jythri has stated that Orendi is in an ideal place for how the devs want attackers. I won’t expect much change coming her way, but we know Pillarstorm is most likely getting looked at. I would also guess Nihilism might get tweaked again but that’s just my guess.

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Oh ok Just thought I missed when support was mentioned. when I I hear anything support related I get flashbacks to the mega nerf ambra had to endure shudder but as I stated in another thread, I’m curious as to how alani is gonna be changed, she’s labeled as a controller so if her wave clear is changed, it may effect how she’s played.