If there was ever a time to level

I decided to finish off a Fl4k I started with a friend. With this new event, I’ve never seen so many legendary weapons. Might be a good time to pull that level 30 out and finish it off.


Agreed. I am leveling an Amara and the number of legendaries I am seeing from red chest is a pretty big jump.

or you could just do the story misions… wich, you know… give a shitload of XP and shoot you to level 50?

I don’t see how a time when one is finding items that are best to get at max level is a particularly good time to be slumming it at lower levels. Seems counter-productive.


If there is anyone out there doing story mission during this event and happen to get a level 50 Boo from the story chest in Athenas for Ava. I am desperately seeking a Boo with SNTL 1005 Cryo, Would trade almost anything for it.

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I think they mean it’s just the fact you should have an easy run to the end with great loot from chests especially if you just main mission run and can get underlevel at times. I’m gonna play my lvl 31 Fl4k tonight and make a run toward the end myself. I won’t really be farming till max level though. I do still need my sentinel Cryo Maggie for my Zane but I’ll get back to it one of these days… :joy: maybe
I only play Fl4k with my nephew on fridays and Zane is my main solo but we will definitely benefit from the event pushing from Graveward on till the end.

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That depends entirely on your goals.

If your goal is just to have fun playing a video game then now is a great time to level an alt. It will be like doing it back at launch when it wasn’t the relative chore it is now. The BL franchise is, after all, just as campaign centric as it is loot centric. DLC brings new stories as much, if not more than, new loot.

Besides, it’s not like there won’t be more events. They are clearly keeping base drop rates low so they can run frequent events without handing out goodies faster than they would like. Anyone who’s ever played within a model such as this one (so any number of people who have played various MMORPGs over the years) will recognise the patterns :wink: .

When we know they’re coming there’s no need to give in to FOMO. Play whatever part of the game you like whenever you like because the next ‘event’ (period of better loot drops) is only just around the corner. It’s not like there’s any PvP that generates a reliance on having top end weapons during the down time between events.


Haven’t noticed any changes that have made it more of a chore to play through the game and level up a character.


Yeah, because what you care most about is chasing the best weapons in the game. There’s nothing wrong with that but I did say:

Judging by the contents of this thread a lot of other people see things very differently than you do. Not better, not worse, just differently.

When I levelled my first character it was great. There were bountiful weapons to play with and try different things out; a billion guns actually felt like it meant something positive. Not just legendary weapons but top-class purples with more attachments on average and more frequently accessing the rarer parts that makes some pretty lacklustre weapons quite good.

I initially saw Triple Penetrating Torgue Shotguns drop as I levelled, double Bezoomies with 2x and a good clip size, even green pistols with ludicrous +damage on them. Protuberances in Shock and Cold or DP. Now if I’m not in Mayhem 4 this stuff is only slightly more common than rocking horse poo.

People can get to level 50 without knowing what a Carbuncle or Wyvern is because they’ve never seen one. I know it’s possible, I was actively looking for them and there weren’t any in 50 levels.

Not to mention they nerfed the hell out of a lot of weapons since then. The entire Torgue Sticky mechanic got gutted to just a fraction of what it used to be. Grenades got generically nerfed because of Moze as well.

Every reduction in damage is more opening of boxes to get more ammo. More pressure to spend your money on SDUs to increase ammo pools rather than buy something interesting from a vending machine (now also not as well populated as they used to be).

Levelling got a lot more boring. Not only did the story of the game get old rather fast for an awful lot of people, the loot nerfs also turned the gameplay aspect into a chore that you do to get to the end game - something this game FINALLY got right with it’s combat improvements because it’s not like those do anything when you’re curb stomping bosses.

Now we get a lucky roll and use a single weapon for 10 levels. Otherwise we get the good stuff we’re allowed to have when we come up against a boss we can kill a few times for some legendary weapons. All those fun blue and purples are never seen anymore.

Of course if you never cared about any of that in the first place you won’t notice. There’s nothing wrong with that but it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

Do people need an easier time on story mode? I don’t recall it being all that difficult tbh. In fact, I sort of liked not getting a lot of Legendaries on my story mode playthroughs because it’s really the only time I use blue/purple gear (with a few exceptions). Once you start farming or playing on M4 at 50 most of your gear will all be legendary more than likely.

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I wouldn’t say it needs to be easier but I can have fun having a few more legendaries along the way than I normally would with odd green and blue items here and there. Maybe I find something along the way I like and wanna try when I get to end game farming that I normally wouldn’t. It’s not a this or that when it comes to this game, if I or anyone else wants to run a fresh play through with this event I think it’s a good time to do it. If I wanna bring out my mayhem 4 Zane and farm I’ll do that it’s just the way it is. Hope this doesn’t come off as defensive because it’s not meant that way. When my nephew comes over later I’m sure we will have a great time finding a few more legs on the way to the end of the game though.

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Even if that were true, it’s only relevant to the endgame and not to the process of leveling up.

Ammo isn’t a problem during normal leveling. None of the weapon nerfs have changed that. SDUs are a better option than vending machines as long as you’re finding on-level loot. By the time that isn’t the case in a normal play through you should have plenty of money to buy things from vending and enough invested in SDUs to not worry much about them.

I never said ammo was a problem. All I said was levelling is more of a chore than it used to be.

I literally quoted you saying it is such a problem you’re constantly having to open ammo boxes and worry about getting SDUs rather than the garbage that generally pops up in the vending machines. And it’s not, generally speaking. Certainly not remarkably moreso than it was at launch. And absolutely not in any way that makes getting better rares out of red chests increase the draw of leveling up characters. Said rares still operate according to the oh-so-woeful nerfing, so it does little to assuage the alleged problem.

A good time to level is when there’s a bonus XP event. Or a new character or skill trees to try out. These are specific draws for leveling. Whereas better loot in red chests has little to no impact on leveling.

That is what you originally quoted and what the discussion is about. More of a chore, not “a problem”. Context matters; otherwise it’s just nitpicking to ‘win the intenets’ which is something I’m simply not interested in.

Genuinely, have a nice day ;).

And that’s also the context within which you stated that ammo is problematic - if it has become a chore to keep up with your ammo supply, that is indeed a problem. For someone who isn’t interested in nitpicking to win, you’re certainly picking hard at semantics. In any case, “chore” or “problem” it’s not greatly impacted by the red chests.

Like I said dude, have a nice day :slight_smile: .

Not sure why you are responding to me. That isn’t my quote. Get me mixed up with someone else?

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Sure did, sorry bout that.

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So uh, I’ve been leveling pretty quick with the extra legendaries. More like cruising.

Free hugs!!

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