If there was "Quick Voice Commands"

Which would be the best to have? and what would be the best way to make it work in pc and consoles.

If dont get what im trying to say…
Im talking about lines that you can press fast on the keybord to send a message to your team.
Smite have the most robust and fast system of this kind… And I think Battleborn dont need that much lines.
Paragon have this system, and it works with a controller (granted I dont know if there would be buttons left to
But which Lines would be the best to have?

Need Healing
Ultimate Ready

and from there you can mix it with


So you can mix them, so you can say “Defend tralls” or “Defend Mid Tralls”

Because some times doing ping dont help that much, and that could help to give people directions in the game.

Here some of the other examples

What do you think would be better lines to have.

Extra point if each character say the line in their voices

Old times: bind “a” say “Enemy in our base!”;

That would do it for me but Gearbox has refused the console to us in this game.

It maybe could be combined with the “ping” button.

As of right now, you push the button and set a marker to the map, ally or enemy. This should stay, but how about: If you hold the button pressed for a while, the command wheel pops up and you can select some command (4 or 8 if we are doing diagonals too) with the movement keys. The command is issued when you release the button again.

It’s inferior to using a mic (only 8 commands possible), but it really would be better than nothing and help players who can’t use a mic for whatever reason.

When I had suggested that a while ago someone linked me to the Paladins wiki and the system there seems to be so much bigger and combine it with taunting (never played it, but on the wiki page this looks awesome). We could have a system like that (sequences of button presses all starting with “ping”) and if taunts (there could even be multiple!) are one of those sequences, the dedicated button for taunting would be free for the map marker we have now. There could be some very specific commands that way, but you have to memorize them (would probably be too much work for some lazy people again, but I’d kill for such a system).

I’d love to be able to call for help, tell others when to attack, but also thank someone if they had saved me from something, etc.

Personally I would find it annoying. I use the ping button a lot and it fulfills its duty with its optic and acustic nature.
But if there would be voice chat options it will be a chaos, because people would spam it.

Oftentimes people ping to attack or kill BB, when theres thrall and minions waves rushing in our base so I ping at the base. Imagine that situation with voice chats. You wouldn’t understand a word.

I would say most of the time you have a mix of attack, help and need healing spamming all over the place, because a lot of players tend to overexaggerate their situation they putting themselves into instead of acting on their own.

Some people maybe would spam it, but if it were a system as in Paladins it would not only send a voice command but also show it in textchat. This would allow you to include an option to mute the commands in this case. I don’t want to lose ping either, it is very helpful!

I think the positives far outweigh the negatives with such a system!

The problem is that in my opinion a ping is more than enough. If I need to be informed that I have to do or should do a certain role I am playing the game wrong or the person advising me is do something wrong. It may be good for beginners, but for example as a healer I should keep an eye on my mates and need no advice. The same goes for defending or the unnecessary note to chase kill a single BB with the whole team, because that 5 sec respawn matters in the end.

Thats only my opinion. The maps in BB are not that big and if someone pings at double thralls I can decide if i want to go at it or not. If the voicechat is implemented chances are, that they first will be a ping and then a voice chat info. I know the system in Paladins, but I don’t know if there a ping in it.

It could work if you stop the possibility to spam like for example you can use one command only every minutes or two.

some will stop you from spam it if you try to send more of 2 instantly, muting you like 20 seconds or something.

Also, I just though on a voice because it could be funny from time to time hearing characters crying for help or healing. Each character asking its own way for a medic.

But the cheapest and less intrusive way to do it could make it just text. Paragon version just send a little bip and put the message on the middle of the screen…
Here it could just show in the "chat box"
Here is the Paragon Example.

And just kind of insist on it because alot of the time I ping stuff, and nobody do anything.
Specially the map where the Tralls are underground, and people think you are pinging mid