If they ever make a second one, what things do they need to do right?

"Maybe don’t release the game a month before another big game…"

If Battleborn ever gets blessed to give it another try, what will they need to do to stay relevant? Better ads? I don’t remember this game being shoved in my face as often as it should have lol. Maybe sometimes during Youtube ads, but that’s it. I wasn’t here since the beginning, but I did enjoy my time here. For those who were, what will they need to do to stay active if they made another Battleborn? No Royale, that ■■■■ is a phase just like how Zombie/Horde mode was a phase lol.

Blaming Overwatch is the wrong thing to do, it wasn’t really Blizzard’s fault that the game didn’t get as much attention as it deserved.

I feel like Battleborn just had the big problem that it didn’t really have an identity. People asked what this game even is and no one really had a good way to describe it to them and you almost had to write a complete essay in the style of: “It is a first person shooter with many characters with a PvE side that feels like Mega Man and Borderlands had a baby and a MOBA PvP side with different modes …”.

I am one of those who preordered and played since first minute, I am mostly active in PvP now despite being someone who absolutely hated PvP games initially and I’ve been one of the most vocal people on reddit (and also here) despite being kinda shy IRL. BUT: It was pure accident that I even installed this game and tried it, because I had no idea what it really is until the open beta started. I thought it was just a PvP shooter and I had no interest in it until I stumbled across a thread on the borderlands subreddit - which got deleted for being off topic, so I don’t even know who to thank for it - that advertised the game and was the first time for me that I saw a story and single player side of it mentioned. I then googled a video, I watched PS4 gameplay on twitch when the beta hit there, I installed and played the open beta on PC later and I was absolutely hooked then. I’m sure many more people would have had the same thing happen to them, but they didn’t find out about the game, brushed it off as something they don’t want to get into or found it too late when it already was struggling.

Another thing I also found a little problematic was the slow reaction times to some of the really big issues. Like everything in life, the first impression really is the most important thing and this game had some problems at release that weren’t even acknowledged for ages. Over time the game got better, but I still sometimes see people complain about things that are fixed for over a year now, because no one really bothers with checking facts and it’s just always the same old complaints from last time they looked into this game a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the work that has gone into the game and the dedication I could see from the team, e.g., just yesterday I had the honor again to play a few rounds with one of the devs - I know NO OTHER GAME where you actually find devs “in the wild”, especially when it’s the salt mine we call PC PvP (sorry Roid, I had a bad day yesterday) - it just sometimes was really bad timing when some changes came or didn’t come (e.g., the queue change with no map or gamemode choice at the beginning of the free trial really made half of the community angry and it wasn’t changed until nearly everyone was gone).

Balance always is a tricky thing to pull off and I won’t really go into a big analysis here, I kinda wish balancing between PvE and PvP would’ve been separated and I had wished that this whole topic would’ve gotten a little more attention overall (e.g., one thing that really holds me back from playing pubs on PS4 more often is braindead no skill BS like Bolas Voxis Nihilism Orendi or just vanilla Q+F Thorn). Balance isn’t perfect and some things are just broken and unfun, but playing both on PS4 and PC shows me how character strength can differ between just those two platforms, so it surely isn’t easy. One thing I really see as a good thing in Battleborn: There is no character anymore that can’t be played at all. Even the so called trash tier characters (like for example Beatrix) can work pretty well. It just took a very long time until we got there and I think balancing could still need some improvements.

Something they could have done about it is to have switched over to F2P much faster. I realize that this might have gone across as some sort of betrayal or slap in the face of buying customers, but in the end it might have kept the game active and alive - which, as one of those paying customers, I would have very much appreciated. As it was any interest in Battleborn and the community that played it had pretty much left by the time it turned free to play, and as a consequence the hopeful new players that would arrive in a drib-feed found dead servers and long queues, giving up after a couple of attempts to play and uninstalling.

This was poison for a game type that pretty much depended on people jumping in for a few rounds of fun with friends as they felt like it.

Other than that I can only say that the marketing unfortunately didn’t manage to distinguish Battleborn from Overwatch and its competitors, some of which started out as free to play. As a result people that wanted to buy a full release title went for Overwatch and people that wanted a budget alternative went for one of the free titles, leaving Battleborn as the awkward third options not many people considered.

Other than that they could simply go with some Twitch/Youtube streams and cross-promotion with a new Borderlands title. If you could earn new skins or smaller goodies in Battleborn by winning the campaign of Borderlands and vice versa, that’d go a long way to get people playing, which would provide a reliable crowd of players to keep the servers running.

I can point out a few on why Battleborn didn’t get much attention. When I went to Gamestop on Christmas eve of 2016, I was buying both Battleborn and Overwatch. One of the employees from Gamestop told me that Battleborn was a waste of money because it requires internet and then told me that Overwatch doesn’t require internet. Another employee told him that it did require internet and a PS plus subscription but the employee kept trying to convince me that it didn’t require internet. I learned it was a complete lie when I ended up buying both games. Both games did require internet. Fast forward 2018, I asked for some merchandise of Battleborn and two employees I never met told me they don’t sell any and ask why I even bother with a game like that. I told them how the game was cool and then I asked them if they tried it before. One of them told me they only tried the first level, which is the prologue, and never gotten back into it. I asked why that was the case and his response was “It was like a maze, I don’t get how to beat.” In my mind I was like “This guy is either a complete hypocrite or moron… or both. Or just special if you know what I mean.” Then I ask the other guy if he tried it and said “If I had to choose between Battleborn or MLB I would choose MLB.” Then I asked why and he would not give me a good response other than saying he just would. That was when I decided not to even bother going to gamestop anymore, even though I just wanted an external hard drive for my PS4 that day, because they appear to be bias towards a game they barely even given a chance on. I felt like someone within the gamestop business is being paid to tell their employees to not encourage Battleborn just because they are getting paid behind closed doors like Blizzard. I can be wrong since I got no evidence to prove otherwise, but I still find it ridiculous how certain people like these employees and players out there that don’t even care about this game but play another game like Overwatch that doesn’t appear to have interesting content in my opinion. I played Overwatch a few times during 2017, but it got boring a few months later. I try Battleborn again after they stopped the Battleplans since 2017 of November/December, and realized how I regretted not giving this game another chance a few months before it turned into maintenance mode. Now I wished they came back to making new updates like new chapters, operations, characters, taunts, gear, game modes, and so on.

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Add a survey for players to answer multiple choice questions on what they want in Battleborn and asking for new ideas for their title. Add art competitions for new characters ideas or story. That’s something I would love to see in the near future.

This isn’t how the game industry works.


I’ll second PH’s response here, and add my own observations on GameStop (and the Canadian counterpart): asking for advice in GameStop is a bit like playing on-line with randoms - you never know what you’re going to get.

My local store’s manager does a pretty good job in hiring responsible, knowledgeable, and honest employees, but I’ve been to other stores around the city where I’ve definitely run into biased sales staff.

The same is true for other stores as well - I’ve had some really good advice at Radio Shack/Circuit City, but also been told out-right lies. Even though every store is the same “brand”, they each have their own unique culture and atmosphere, starting with the local manager and who they in turn hire.


This game got such an unfortunate bad rep before many people gave it a chance. I think the reasons other people have stated like lack of advertising or explaining what the game is definitely contributed to lack of popularity. I also don’t think that the team responsible for balancing post launch was up to the challenge of making necessary changes in a timely fashion. It took awhile for some much needed changes to get made as well as some changes were made that the community never thought was a problem. The winter update of 2017 made this game the most fun that my buddy and I had playing this game.


Battleborn needs to be clear and say in your face that IT IS A FPS MOBA THAT HAS A STORY MODE AND PVP!

Battleborn 2 would be wasteful, Season 2 and 3 and 4 and N is not.

Battleborn is a First Person Shooter/Brawler MOBA with 30 playable characters, Story mode solo and 5 player COOP and Free to play PVP that uses the MOBA leveling system and character tweaking in match.

Battleborn is also one of the game where Soft Coutners and PERSONAL SKILL matters more then Hard counter rock paper scissors system like in Overwatched and who has twitchier button pressing fingers like in COD and Battlefied.

See how simple it is to describe Battleborn?

almost like you need to be clear what your product is and to SPAM FACTS instead of misinformation and lies. Hell, freaking OFFICIAL CHANELS OF GAMES ARE BETTER NEWS SOURCES THEN GAEM JURNOS!

good word of mouth and positive press is needed for Battleborn to thrive again, not hate bandwagons.

So join me in community events like Weekend Warriors to make Battleborn thrive again.

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Battleborn had the problem of NOT ENOUGH MARKETING! other then that the game is quite upfront about what it is.

you jsut need to look up the game’s trailers to remind you of this fact.

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Add an offline mode. There is probably young audience that don’t have access to the internet. I was one of those players during my childhood.

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Add an option, after you complete a story/operation mission, where you can select which gear you want to carry over to the gear bank and sell the ones you don’t want. But before closing the mission completion results, it well show you the stats from the gear that you’ve earned and let you compare them to the ones that you already own under the same name. That is when you can decide whether you want to keep the new ones or sell them or sell the old ones that don’t have the stats/shard costs you want.

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In the Gear bank menu from the command center, add a category under each battleborn character’s name and image/emblem in replacing the loadouts. Then give each of those battleborn slot’s 10 of each gear loadouts. When a player select a battleborn slot, it will open up from 1 to 10 gear loadouts (Depending on how much the player had purchased). The reason I’m recommending this feature is because I’ve purchased a full 25 loadout slots and I got plenty of combinations that I want to keep for certain Battleborn characters. However 25 loadouts is not a lot. I end up changing loadouts constantly when I’m doing Story campaigns/Operations and other competitive game modes. It can be a hassle when I just want to jump right into the action with a variety of options for certain characters.

Add Competitive matchmaking that’s separate from public matchmaking. The difference with competitive is that players that compete can earn a ranking system on medals from bronze to gold so on. However, competitive matchmaking should have a versus draft system where players can ban certain characters in order to compete. Game modes should include the ones that involve 5 versus 5 only.

Battleborn needed drop in/out gameplay like Borderlands, especially in co-op.

I think it could have really benefited from an open world area too. Something to make the game feel like it was a universe rather than a collection of levels. And it would have been a great way to try out characters socially without as much risk of failing a match for everyone.

Probably also needed to change how the helix and leveling worked so that drop in/out gameplay would be smooth.

And better story missions that didn’t involve defending things. Or at least somehow made fair. There were too many missions with defendables and those defense points often fell WAY too easily and usually couldn’t be healed or anything. Remember how in Borderlands 2 when you’re defending a beacon? That was fine because even when it got destroyed you could repair it and just lose 10 seconds.

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Actually balance the ■■■■■■■ game.
Going months without player advised character, mechanic, gear and other balancing changes is inexcusable. Test things to make sure patches don’t break your game or characters (Shayne fetch bug). Overwatch is just as old as Battleborn and they get monthly (I think my brother said almost weekly) updates and fix things. Months with crucial aspects of characters just not functioning, being over powered or underpowered is inexcusable and lazy

Blizzard as a developer was already bigger than Gearbox, and thus had more resources to continuously update the game.

Overwatch was significantly more successful than Battleborn, so there were still incentives and econimical for them to stick with it.

^That, I assume, is the main reason for the lack of follow-up changes of any kind.

It’s not inexcusable. There are lots of things I wish they would’ve done sooner, and will still do. It took too long to nerf Galilea, Boldur, El Dragón (which incidentally took too long to buff afterwards), revert Benedict’s 15% health & damage buff and Oscar Mike have yet to have gotten his latest buff reverted despite popular demand.

I really wish they consistently would’ve had an open dialogue with the community, like when Varnell was discussing pending Beatrix nerfs shortly after her launch.

But between the low population, lack of economical incentives and reduced resources which have been reallocated to Gearbox’s next big title, it’s understandable things have gone the way they have.

They did far from perfect, but at the end of the day they’re a company who has to care for their bottom line.

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Sorry but Gally was too overpowered for too long. I want to agree with you but the balancing issues chased out a ton of players once they realized ‘it is what it is’ with this game.

Still waiting on soneone to address the Lorrian.


I’m hoping they add a total of 20 chapters for story mode. I feel like 8 chapters aren’t enough. I had fun with a full group with advanced difficulty enabled for the story campaigns, but after doing all 8 in one day I sometimes wish for newer levels. Like I wish there was a newer level for the Detritus Ring and the LLC arcship fleet. I even wished for newer enemies like The UPR units and Rogue mercenaries. I had one day where I tried to invite a group of friends for story mode and we ended up having like 7 people total in our group. Then this idea came up where I wished they added a 10 man operation for the game with 3 to 4 bosses and waves of enemies and plenty of shards for gear loadouts and more buildable options like building a MX1 Elite boots, Bulwark bots, and Wolf sentries. I think that would be cool. New gear and characters too. ::smiley: