If they ever make a second one, what things do they need to do right?

Battleborn is a First Person Shooter/Brawler MOBA with 30 playable characters, Story mode solo and 5 player COOP and Free to play PVP that uses the MOBA leveling system and character tweaking in match.

Battleborn is also one of the game where Soft Coutners and PERSONAL SKILL matters more then Hard counter rock paper scissors system like in Overwatched and who has twitchier button pressing fingers like in COD and Battlefied.

See how simple it is to describe Battleborn?

almost like you need to be clear what your product is and to SPAM FACTS instead of misinformation and lies. Hell, freaking OFFICIAL CHANELS OF GAMES ARE BETTER NEWS SOURCES THEN GAEM JURNOS!

good word of mouth and positive press is needed for Battleborn to thrive again, not hate bandwagons.

So join me in community events like Weekend Warriors to make Battleborn thrive again.

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Battleborn had the problem of NOT ENOUGH MARKETING! other then that the game is quite upfront about what it is.

you jsut need to look up the game’s trailers to remind you of this fact.

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Add an offline mode. There is probably young audience that don’t have access to the internet. I was one of those players during my childhood.

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Add an option, after you complete a story/operation mission, where you can select which gear you want to carry over to the gear bank and sell the ones you don’t want. But before closing the mission completion results, it well show you the stats from the gear that you’ve earned and let you compare them to the ones that you already own under the same name. That is when you can decide whether you want to keep the new ones or sell them or sell the old ones that don’t have the stats/shard costs you want.

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In the Gear bank menu from the command center, add a category under each battleborn character’s name and image/emblem in replacing the loadouts. Then give each of those battleborn slot’s 10 of each gear loadouts. When a player select a battleborn slot, it will open up from 1 to 10 gear loadouts (Depending on how much the player had purchased). The reason I’m recommending this feature is because I’ve purchased a full 25 loadout slots and I got plenty of combinations that I want to keep for certain Battleborn characters. However 25 loadouts is not a lot. I end up changing loadouts constantly when I’m doing Story campaigns/Operations and other competitive game modes. It can be a hassle when I just want to jump right into the action with a variety of options for certain characters.

Add Competitive matchmaking that’s separate from public matchmaking. The difference with competitive is that players that compete can earn a ranking system on medals from bronze to gold so on. However, competitive matchmaking should have a versus draft system where players can ban certain characters in order to compete. Game modes should include the ones that involve 5 versus 5 only.

Battleborn needed drop in/out gameplay like Borderlands, especially in co-op.

I think it could have really benefited from an open world area too. Something to make the game feel like it was a universe rather than a collection of levels. And it would have been a great way to try out characters socially without as much risk of failing a match for everyone.

Probably also needed to change how the helix and leveling worked so that drop in/out gameplay would be smooth.

And better story missions that didn’t involve defending things. Or at least somehow made fair. There were too many missions with defendables and those defense points often fell WAY too easily and usually couldn’t be healed or anything. Remember how in Borderlands 2 when you’re defending a beacon? That was fine because even when it got destroyed you could repair it and just lose 10 seconds.

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Actually balance the ■■■■■■■ game.
Going months without player advised character, mechanic, gear and other balancing changes is inexcusable. Test things to make sure patches don’t break your game or characters (Shayne fetch bug). Overwatch is just as old as Battleborn and they get monthly (I think my brother said almost weekly) updates and fix things. Months with crucial aspects of characters just not functioning, being over powered or underpowered is inexcusable and lazy

Blizzard as a developer was already bigger than Gearbox, and thus had more resources to continuously update the game.

Overwatch was significantly more successful than Battleborn, so there were still incentives and econimical for them to stick with it.

^That, I assume, is the main reason for the lack of follow-up changes of any kind.

It’s not inexcusable. There are lots of things I wish they would’ve done sooner, and will still do. It took too long to nerf Galilea, Boldur, El Dragón (which incidentally took too long to buff afterwards), revert Benedict’s 15% health & damage buff and Oscar Mike have yet to have gotten his latest buff reverted despite popular demand.

I really wish they consistently would’ve had an open dialogue with the community, like when Varnell was discussing pending Beatrix nerfs shortly after her launch.

But between the low population, lack of economical incentives and reduced resources which have been reallocated to Gearbox’s next big title, it’s understandable things have gone the way they have.

They did far from perfect, but at the end of the day they’re a company who has to care for their bottom line.

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Sorry but Gally was too overpowered for too long. I want to agree with you but the balancing issues chased out a ton of players once they realized ‘it is what it is’ with this game.

Still waiting on soneone to address the Lorrian.


I’m hoping they add a total of 20 chapters for story mode. I feel like 8 chapters aren’t enough. I had fun with a full group with advanced difficulty enabled for the story campaigns, but after doing all 8 in one day I sometimes wish for newer levels. Like I wish there was a newer level for the Detritus Ring and the LLC arcship fleet. I even wished for newer enemies like The UPR units and Rogue mercenaries. I had one day where I tried to invite a group of friends for story mode and we ended up having like 7 people total in our group. Then this idea came up where I wished they added a 10 man operation for the game with 3 to 4 bosses and waves of enemies and plenty of shards for gear loadouts and more buildable options like building a MX1 Elite boots, Bulwark bots, and Wolf sentries. I think that would be cool. New gear and characters too. ::smiley:


Pretty spot on i dont think i can add much on to what was said. the balance, slow patches, and matchmaking are what needed most improvement.
I just hope if there is a Battleborn 2 its bad stigma won’t be the thing holding it back.


Also… what about splitting PVP into two categories… Balanced, and Unbalanced.

BALANCED: Remove gear to make balancing easier. Keep games on 2K or Gearbox servers. Make this mode ranked and competitive. Offer exclusive rewards that can only be earned by participating in ranked matches. Offer less choice as to what matches you can participate in, but turn them into events, like Incursion night, Meltdown night, etc. Run events, like by participating in Balanced PVP during the events you get exclusive cosmetics, etc. (Basically, make this one for the E-sports/serious gamers)

UNBALANCED: Make PVP fully customizable and make it so that it can be hosted locally or on a dedicated server. Allow gear and allow players to make groups, select game modes, and make it as balanced or unbalanced and chaotic as they want. Full choice of any maps or modes, server search, custom maps, just PVP with more player control. This mode would not be ranked, and it would not be balanced unless you removed gear and selected options to make it more like the balanced experience.


not release next to the largest hero shooter ever made

Make it so that if you play local splitscreen multiplayer, the other person can be on the enemy’s team.

Its been a while since battleborn’s release so details are foggy but better advertisment than what the first got. When they made it free to play there shouldve been more advertisements too.

I actually like the gear system. Maybe they should add an option for private matches to enable or disable them, or turn on/off certain ones like no commons or no legendaries. I like using legendaries a lot but I had people in private matches that prefer none. Maybe an option where there’s a limit to how many we use for a certain rarity?


I agree about keeping the gear system. Removing all gear would only cause the meta to become more stale.

I’ll also agree though that there are some balance issues regarding different gear which would need to be looked into. Restricting some gear, such as legendaries, would help to solve this, but after that it becomes very difficult to manage what small number adjustments would likely better achieve.


My only fear is that they will try and turn it into a battle royale game. Ugh. Like we need more of those.

I would argue that they needed to do more pre-release press and give the game a bigger buzz before launch.


I found out that the only reason Battle Royale games like Fortnite are considered famous is because those companies are paying streamers around 50,000 dollars a month to hype their game genre towards the audience. I read an article about it and was surprised but too late for me because I fell for their hype nonsense and half regret it. I try their tournament out and it’s such a pain. I hate elimination matches. Especially with that building wall mechanism. The only exception for me is Apex Legends, but overall I still prefer matches that involve NPCs for both teams which is rarely a thing (not counting MOBA games, I prefer one with story campaigns).

Personally, I’d like to see them drop PvP completely. The co op experience was a ton of fun and a super interesting concept. The whole MMO style combat mixed with an FPS was really fun and they did it really well IMO.

If it just had a few more stages, some more loot, and if everything wasn’t balanced for PvP, it could have been something really special.

I guess people even knowing it had a co op probably would’ve helped too lol.