If they made a Borderlands Movie...Who should play Mordecai?

Title says it all really - If they had to cast a “Live” actor to play Mord (not just voice acting) who should get the role and why?

Add pix in case peeps don’t know the the actor is plz!

I say maybe John Leguizamo… very versatile actor - similar features. Funny too!

Well Steve Buscemi :slight_smile: since the movie would be directed by Tarantino right :smiley: ?


I don’t think anyone exists that is the right shape.

Although upon re-watching Guardians Of The Galaxy several times, I have deduced that Dave Batista would be PERFECT for Brick, they’re almost the same character.

Freddy Rodriguez.

Seems kinda out there, right? Watch Planet Terror. He’s absolutely channeling Mordecai in that. The only issue, and it’s a really minor one, is the fact that he’s only 5’6".

johnny depp

milo ventimiglia


I came here to post Depp as my choice. But that was already done. So yea, 'nother vote for Depp.


hell jack sparrow already looks like mordecai.

Milla Jovovich for lilith
Dave Batista for Brick

Bradley Cooper as Axton

Liam Neeson as Marcus

Sierra McCormick as Tina Tiny just because.

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Oscar Gutierrez

I like the ideas already posted. However, I gotta say that Arnold, The Rock, or Stallone could do Brick. Sorry, no pictures. But do you really need ones for them? I guess 2 of them might be too old though.

[quote=“shoogli, post:2, topic:4576”]
Steve Buscemi
[/quote]<-------- Also too old IMO!!

What about supporting roles? Who can play T.K. Baha, Scooter and others?

How about Bruce Campbell as TK?

I see Karl Urban as Dr. Zed

OMG, Tannis is crucial!! Who’s good at nutty female roles?

If your looking for another Pro Wrestler to make the cross-over to films Brock Lesnar would make an excellent Brick!!

Nonsense. Aziz is zed. Tina fey or Sara Silverman for tannis.

Moxxi - Angelina Jolie

Handsome Jack - John Barrowman

(very suitable as he plays Captain Jack Harkness in Dr. Who and Torchwood and is the initial inspiration for Handsome Jack)


Dan Radcliffe as scooter because damn that’d be funny.

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Aziz Ansari?

Yes, I can see either Tina Fey or Sarah Silverman as Tannis.

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Yes anzari. And Tina fey over Silverman. And billy Bob Thornton as EARL!

Wouldn’t Randy Pitchford be Earl? Seeing as he already is.

Same with Damien Clarke as Jack, the voice/mannerisms are what is most important, especially if they’re wearing a mask.

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They’re voices. Movie needs actors.

Agreed. I would definitely go with Depp.