If this is nerfed loot drops I’m glad I missed week 1!

Like seriously I finished the story around level 34 ish with 2 leggier, about right I thought from BL1 and BL2 I then decided to try out mayhem 3 and found them absolutely everywhere including 2 out of ammo crates. Fast forward a day I am now wrecking anything at mayhem 3 level 50 and this is without farming just mobbing…
Doesn’t quite feel right to me I know others will disagree but I feel like the magic of having a legendary drop in your game is a little lost now… looking forward to pearls and raid bosses after 3 days on the game, not really what I was expecting.
Other than that though, the terrible UI and still no skipping cut scenes I am loving this game!!!
Not surprising since I’ve been in love with Borderlands since BL1 - big up the old school forum crew, I still say that was a better layout and easier to browse than this one!!


agreed, drops need further nerf and more drops need to be dedicated loot source drops rather than world drops.


The world drops I’m fine with it actually reminds me of BL1, I love being able to mob knowing I have a chance of getting any legendary I think what could be a happy medium is keep wield drops but limit big bosses to only their set number of legendaries - just to stop people farming the same cheesy boss over and over and getting everything - that I think is the main issue but yeah I’m mayhem 3 for sure the drops need nerfing again or as it’s probably too late now just be sure to get the next rarity correct


I would agree with you but when you’re playing at those echelons you’re looking for a version of something and the serotonin flood you get from actually finding upgrade after being desensitized to the yellow is absolutely second to none…

It’s great the way it is… Just go with the flow until you arrive


I’m in favor of more nerfed loot.

I love world drops. Think they should all be world drops, with some bosses being higher chances. BL2 was a nonstop boss grind fest on every game I joined. Boring fast.

Currently though, in a month of release, I have farmed, banked, stored, and sold hundreds of legendary weapons. Hundreds. Hundreds. Not stuttering. Needs nerfed. (Or I need a life…)

I find those of you hunting for such specifics on Mayhem 3, like…your already busting it on Mayhem 3…you don’t need it. (Zane aside…dude is hard)

Couldnt agree more! I have had to make 5 mules for all my current legendaries and need even more if I want to clean up my lv 50 zanes invintory to make a proper build. They arent special anymkre and could be dropped to a quarter of what they are now if you ask me. Yet you will have people complaining their is not enough legendaries as many people who dont even use the offline exploit have as many mules as I have! They need to tone it down before level cap increase to eliminate the need for mules and to bring the magic back to legendary loot. I cant imagine how many the offline glitchers are getting, but RIP their banks and mules…

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I remember my first legendary I ever got. It was a pestilate Defiler before I fought the carrier in BL1 and it was so exciting to get a rarity I never knew existed. In BL3 they drop like candy in a sweets shop and nothing excites me anymore…


Oh I def agree. I think my first was that flame sniper? Volcano? Loved it.

I do love that loot is easier on Mayhem 3. But like…even 1 an hour would be better then this. Lol.

I hope they add a new rarity. Like Pearl’s. And make those the new ACTUAL legendary we hunt.

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They already have, it’s called anointed gear which even with the high drops are INSANELY rare to get a good one.


Never found an annointed worth it. But that’s me, not really been looking. Most seem pretty weak as far as buffs.

Edit: But you have a point.

Apparently the siren has some monster anointments, but still the 50% bonus damage for two mags anointments are pretty potent with Moze and her reloading or lack there of abilities. But yea anointed are clearly the slight power creep improvement over regular legendaries thus far in this game and IMHO are fairly rare so I think the drop rates are fine tbh. Whether we’ll see the return of Pearls or Seraph or something down the line is likely and they will also have anointed version as well i’d imagine.


They def have laid good groundwork to build from.


I’m frustrated right now because of the constant state of flux. Just wish it was 6 months from now and all this tweaking was over with so I could just build my character and stick to it lol Or figure out other builds and mess around with those without fear of stuff changing. I know this is common new game stuff but man, it brings out the worst in me when I build something up just for the carpet to be swept out from under me lol


I love it, that being said my main was Zane who got buffed. I am now starting other characters, and surely will feel the nerf coming. I find it all exciting to be part of the begining group’s. Lunch day mess. Lol

I too started with the boyo Zane. Then I wanted to see how at least someone else compared and moved on to Moze, and boy have I gotten spoiled. Now they seem to have it out for my girl :’( lol

The problem is that there are a large amount of legendaries that are random world drops. So if you nerf it any more, it’ll make it really difficult to get particular items.

Which is why I’ve said from the start that it would have been better to follow borderlands 2 in having loot pools - even if it’s just planet wise.

The Jackhammer, for example, is completely random. If it was a world drop specific to a particular world, however, people could hunt for one.

Hell if people took the time to hunt for a 94 sham, people would do that. But a completely random drop chance from anywhere at all? Where you can’t even farm for an anointed one successfully?


All they need to do is change colour of legendary annointed and the world will be balanced.

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Not really i see so much anointed gear drop its not even funny in tvhm mayhem3.

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Someone I traded some stuff with and played with for a little bit found out a few things about me.

A few hours later, they mailed me a Storm Sniper rifle with a Zane anointment. While SNTL is out, this weapon deals 50% percent bonus cryo damage.

This, to me, is by far the single coolest thing to ever exist. The right anointment can absolutely redesign a weapon. :slight_smile:

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BL1 had world drops and it was endlessly playable…

It just feels that a few weeks in we already need a level cap increase and a new rarity… too soon imo

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