If we can farm on M4, non annointed guns are worthless

Those of us that have builds and loot to play and farm M4 like slaughter shaft, takedown and bosses are the ones who are huge bl fans.

We are the ones that DO NOT NEED OR WANT non annointed legendaries.

Does that make sense? They are worthless to us - hell, even most annointed legendaries are probably not the right roll if we are already playing M4.

We obviously have spent a lot of time on your game.

Its simple, don’t drop nonannointed in M4.

Cater your drops to the people who will be playing your hardest content.


I like this idea, maybe make an exception for new gear when they become available like the Takedown or dlc.

That’s exactly what I have been saying. M4 is hard. It was made to be hard. So reward us who can do anything on it with annoited gear when gear drops. I’m not saying EVERY piece needs to be annoited, but the legendaries do. And so many variations of annoitments, it will still feel rewarding to actually farm in m4. But at the state it is now, it isn’t worth it

Well, if you’re going to do that then surely you don’t need to see white, blue, or green drops of any kind either.

So, how about just remove all drops unless they are purple or legendary anointed items? But do NOT increase loot drop rates or odds. You just won’t see any loot other than the purple and legendaries that are anointed that you see now. After all, M4 isn’t supposed to be just a super easy loot farm, is it?

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I would agree, except for some reason most anointed blues are worth more money than anointed legendaries. So they’re a good way to build money

If you need a good way to build money go farm Graveward at M4. He was dropping about 180,000 in cash per run when I was farming him. You don’t even have to look at the guns, just run around and suck up that sweet cash. No problem getting up to 75 million.

If you’re at the point of farming M4 gear then you should already be way beyond any cash needs in the game.

There’s also a relic for this is there not?

Completely agree. Anointment rates on M4 need a massive bump.

When Gearbox reneged on their promise to keep the high anointment rates from Mayhem on Twitch (and then completely ignored the community calling them on it), my hope was that they wanted some headroom to have higher rates on M4. But the anointment rates on M4 are junk, making the looting aspect of this looter-shooter incredibly unrewarding for the players who have spent the most time in the game.

I don’t know if it’s incompetence or misguided ideas about what will keep players engaged, but whatever it is, it needs to change. Weak rewards/incentives don’t lead most players to play more; they just lead them to find another game that’s more rewarding. (See also the hundreds of posts to this effect in threads about farming, dedicated drops, etc.)