If we could have it all

So, assuming that BL1 ever gets a remake/remaster/re-release, what should be fixed or changed? Right now lots of things are known, but are scattered amongst various threads at the old gearbox forums, some is on the wiki, etc. Seems like it might be nice to have it all in one place, for players’ reference now, and maybe for GBX too (though I would hope they already know all this!)

I know this is not currently complete, so please help! Let me know what’s missing and what’s incorrect.

Stuff that is just plain broken:


  • S&S Draco: cannot receive the title, and it does not appear as orange. The code seems to know it exists, but the title is not given the proper priority or the accessory the +50 rarity that would make it orange.

  • Maliwan Plague (Crux): name is incorrect

  • Hyperion Executioner (Invader): name is incorrect

  • Dahl Penetrator: legendary barrel doesn’t give +50 rarity, so never appears as orange.

  • Vladof Vengeance: special effect (ignore shields) only works if the gun is equipped when the game is loaded, then applies to all guns equipped in that play session

  • Hyperion Reaper: Accessory doesn’t provide the stated melee bonus (+300%).

  • Hyperion Bitch: Crit bonus (+50%) doesn’t work.

  • Vladof The Clipper: Accessory doesn’t provide the stated melee bonus (+100%).

  • Elemental x1 snipers will never proc, unless they are explosive.


  • Tank: Shield recharge rate (Mat3 5th line) bonus doesn’t work

  • Hunter: Action skill cooldown (Mat3 5th line) bonus doesn’t work

  • Peace Keeper: Shield recharge rate (Mat3 5th line) bonus doesn’t work

  • Eridian Warrior: no 5th lines, because there is no mat2 or mat3 for eridians.

  • Ranger: Accuracy recovery boost (Mat3 5th line) doesn’t seem to work.

  • Find Rare Items doesn’t appear to work, according to extensive testing on the old forums

  • Scavenge Extra Items only works on non-human enemies (and only on a select few of those, IIRC)

  • Can’t see the 5th line on some high-level COMs (Sniper, Specter, others?)

Miscellaneous Stuff

  • Weapon proficiencies seem to not work right after spawning, getting out of a vehicle, or leaving a vendor GUI. It’s not clear exactly what’s going on, but it seems as though proficiencies don’t apply until you actively equip a weapon of that type…so whatever you’re holding when you spawn/exit vehicle/leave vendor doesn’t have the bonuses applied.

  • If you take too long to kill something, it will regenerate all health and become invincible (experienced recently w/ Moe & Marley, Skagzilla)

  • Weapon level changes when equipped - either make the system work (higher proficiency -> equip higher level guns) or remove it entirely. It just causes confusion in its half-working state.

  • Spawning in DLC areas assigns completed quests as active, even if the story is not complete.

  • You can’t get a 2nd wind from killing Crawmerax (no 2nd wind for breaking crit spot = good, but you should get one for the full kill)

  • Lilith’s Phoenix skill sometimes makes your weapons not reload automatically.

  • Brick’s Rapid Reload skill increases recoil rather than decreasing it.

  • “throw” is misspelled on the card for transfusion grenades.

  • Kill skills don’t work in FFYL, yet the icons are still displayed. For example, you may have Killer and Relentless active, go down, and the icons still show even though the bonuses are no longer being applied.

  • Transfusion trails can heal lucky enemies.

Things that may not be bugs, but really need a fix:


  • All rocket launchers are useless for most characters/circumstances. A big damage boost would fix it (like the fix for the BL2 fastball), but would probably make them too powerful at low levels. Also, splash damage is glitchy with terrain, often being absorbed entirely.

  • Similarly, Carnage shotguns are very underpowered except at very low levels. Plus, they can get an explosive accessory which is just a pointless loss of damage since they’re already explosive.

  • Jakobs Striker - the small accuracy boost doesn’t even make up for the damage loss vs. normal barrel 5, so it’s actually a fair bit worse than a normal purple shotgun with barrel 5. A huge accuracy increase would make it really interesting…maybe 75% accuracy with XX material and 90+% with ZZ. Even with less damage, that could be a lot of fun to mess around with.

  • Vladof Revolution - it’s terrible! It also appears to have been a leftover from some scrapped Combat Rifle part, since it has a -burst count property. This one needs a huge FR increase, or something. http://oldforums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?t=114777

  • Atlas Troll - useless, since the healing is so slow and it can’t have any good accessories. A fix would be to boost the healing rate dramatically, or make the legendary part something other than the accessory.

  • Hyperion Butcher - cool idea, but needs a much bigger mag to be useful. Maybe have a 25-round mag as the legendary part?

  • Dahl Wildcat - small mag increase, in exchange for dismal accuracy? It’s like the Revolution: worthless in its current form.

  • The blue/orange Eridians need to be much more common, so that using them is actually viable. Right now, finding a whole set is a lifetime goal…if you’re lucky!

  • Why have the movement speed decrease when using Eridian weapons? As if they don’t suck enough already.

  • Assault Shotguns currently can’t spawn with the fire accessory. This is silly.


  • Gunslinger - why the heck would it boost Loaded? Boosting Hair Trigger or Gun Crazy might be a little OP, so maybe something lesser like Focus?

  • Bullet damage resistance (Truxican Wrestler, Berserker) shows up as -XX%, making it seem like you would take more damage from bullets. Based on a quick google search, this confuses everyone!

  • Eridian Warrior COM doesn’t have an icon.

  • Ranger +X% Critical Damage Bonus only works for guns that already have a crit bonus (snipers, revolvers, Athena’s Wisdom, etc).

  • Rifleman COM doesn’t have as large a damage bonus as other weapon type specialty COMs (tops out @ 45%).

  • Accuracy bonus on Sniper (Mat2 5th line) seems to only work when hipfiring, and has no effect when scoped.

Miscellaneous Stuff:

  • Why can’t weapons drop at level 69? To make checking vendors worthwhile? If so, machine guns should spawn in vendors, and there should be some source for level 69 pearls.

  • Why does DLC3 not scale to your level after “find Steele” like the other DLCs do?

  • With Bird of Prey, it would be great if Bloodwing would repeatedly attack the same enemy if there’s only one.

  • Pistol melee animation is very slow.

  • Zombie brains and Claptrap parts shouldn’t drop unless one of the collect 'em quests is active. Crimson Lance cores don’t drop all the time, so why do these?

  • Roland’s Revive skill should have a 100% chance at 5/5 points.

  • Killing some types of Eridians doesn’t count toward the “Kill X Guardians” challenge.

  • Sometimes going into FFYL, you will spin uncontrollably quickly. The slow driftiness is great, but the whirlwind spin is not!

  • Sometimes going into FFYL in multiplayer, you will get stuck in 3rd person mode and can’t get a second wind.

  • The Jakobs vending machine in Jakobs Cove only works for a short while (and why does it sell other manufacturers’ weapons?)

  • Ammo vendors in Knoxx and Robolution don’t sell leveled grenade mods.

  • Doing DLC in the first playthrough makes you woefully overleveled in PT2. Maybe have a PT1 level cap of 30-something?

Popular requests for plain old changes/additions

  • We need a way to reset playthoughs! So badly! With all the quest items obtainable at max level!

  • Pearls should be droppable in all parts of the game. Perhaps some of the hard-to-reach chests could be converted to Lance chests (or some other new type), and Badass enemies could have a tiny chance of dropping them like Lance/Drifters currently do. Perhaps a bunch of Lance chests at the end of each DLC? Maybe any red chest would have a random chance of being swapped out for a Lance chest?

  • A way to legitimately move gear between characters would be nice…a Claptrap’s Secret Stash, if you will.

  • The Circle of ____ missions would be cool if they were repeatable, with a decent reward.

  • Improved graphics (high-res shadows, no texture streaming, better optimized elemental procs, etc).

  • An FOV slider like in BL2! People jumped through all kinds of .ini hoops to change it in this game, and it’s so nice and easy with the slider.

  • The weapon inspect functions like BL2/TPS are great…

  • Bloodwing should be able to get back to you with your health…better pathing, noclip, something please!

  • Thumper mags SUCK. So do pounders. Pleeease either get rid of them or give them enough of a damage boost to make up for the crappy fire rate.

  • The Tsunami is underwhelming as a weapon…needs a bigger tech pool, free x1 procs (like the hellfire), or something.

  • The orange background at Moxxi’s Bank makes it really difficult to read purple items. Also, mouse wheel scrolling doesn’t work there.

  • Maybe increase the number of digits shown for money? Then we could use the price change to verify all finds, and money might matter a little again.

  • Between Underdome waves, the modifiers window blocks the whole screen, so you can barely see to collect ammo/health.

  • Cars instantly explode when you hit a powerful enemy. Sucks to have a badass spiderant pop up right in front of you. The BL2 mechanics were great…no insta-kill, but the guns are actually useful, and the vehicle health regenerates at a reasonable rate.

  • Auto-pickup for money/ammo would be great, similar to the BL2 system.

  • Boosts to skills should be visible in the skill tree, like BL2.

  • maybe reload speed/shield recharge delays on the item cards?

  • maybe mat3 material prefixes could have lower priority, so that stuff like Punishing, Swift, Liquid, etc could still appear?

  • Maybe tweaks to some nearly useless skills, like Prize Fighter, Riotous Remedy, Smirk, Barrage (suggestions in the thread).

  • Rebalancing the turret? At high levels it can’t kill anything, but never dies either.

  • Why slow down when sprint jumping? Works great in BL2.

  • Sniping mechanics could stand improvement. Works great in BL2.

  • Add knockback resistance for Brick? BL2 did it for Krieg.

  • crawling in FFYL is great.

  • Maybe some boss music?

Dare we mention things that work in our favor?

  • Elemental revolvers and explosive snipers will proc on every shot, even if the tech pool is empty. As nice as this is (especially w/ revolvers), it seems like it’s got to be a bug.

  • Brick’s speed glitches?

  • Farmory and Craw hiding spot!?!?!?



OT: How about making some of the bad skills useful? Like give Smirk a 15-20% movement speed bonus, or make Riotious Remedy be x% health per second as opposed to x% health over the course of 7 seconds? Buff Roland’s turret a bit, find something to replace Brick’s Prize Fighter? Just stuff to help make some skills better.

Another bug: Assault Shotguns (Hyperion, Maliwan, S&S, and Vladof) cannot spawn with the fire accessory. That needs fixed too.

And make Bloodwing less stupid.

I always thought it was jsut a restriction. Oh well.

If so, then that’s a pretty stupid restriction.

But it saves us from getting another Friendly Fire like shotty.

Also, the 50 points added to the rarity, aren’t they from the title, rather than the accesoire?

Rocket Launchers don’t work because the splash gets absorbed by the terrain.

Are you saying it’s bad or good? 'Cause it’s my main gun on my shotgun Lilith.

Personally never liked its spread.
Then again, there are alot of BL1 legendaries that I just plain do not like.

I agree with almost everything, but three points stand out as huge errors of misunderstanding.

[quote=“MeltintheSun, post:1, topic:307555, full:true”] - Seperate proficiencies for repeaters and revolvers…why would they be the same?[/quote]Please no. Proficiencies are a nice concept but grindy. More to grind is bad.
If anything, proficiencies should level faster.

[quote=“MeltintheSun, post:1, topic:307555, full:true”] - Why can’t weapons drop at level 69? Silliness![/quote]Otherwise Craw would be the ultimate source. They did this intentionally so the vendors would remain significant. Making 69s in to world drops would stop them being so special anymore.
Finding that perfect 69; mmm. So good! So good.

[quote=“MeltintheSun, post:1, topic:307555, full:true”] - With Bird of Prey, it would be great if Bloodwing would repeatedly attack the same enemy if there’s only one.[/quote]This would cause some extreme gamebreaking balance issues for Bloodwing builds.

Try playing Ranger and watch how giving Bloodwing 8 attacks every second without the current limits works.
Or running Hunter with a Skull Masher and 5/5 Carrion Call with limits removed.
Besides the system is extremely good with Out For Blood. You call Blood back when you need a heal. Taking away this control would destroy a major part of Morde’s healing if he’s not running Carrion Call + Skullmasher or a Ranger Com.


Also, how about the ability to reset Playthrough 2/2.5 so we can play the game at max level with max level gear?


As far as the Farmory glitch is concerned it feels like it was put in intentionally with it being so easy to do alot of people found it on accident

It’s not. No developer puts in a glitch on purpose. The only reason it was never fixed was because Microsoft wouldn’t let them put a map texture change in a free patch. A.K.A. Xbox users would have been charged money for the patch.

IMO weapon rarity should be it’s own RNG chance and not determined by the parts that make it as well as manufacturer grade (Legendary with material 1???)

But that’ll ruin the whole loot system. Bl2 was designed for that, BL1 was not. Let BL1 keep it’s magic.

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Which part… Material Grade being assigned based on rarity or rarity being randomly determined?
If I had to choose which was more important to me, it’d be that rarity was randomly determined and not assigned based on which parts make up the weapon so you’d have blues outshining purples and greens outshining blues just cause it got the better bet less rare part(s).

BL1 is rarity is based on the combination of parts. Let it stay that way. Don’t change it to BL2’s way of Mat = Rarity. Never mess with something loved like the BL1 loot system. Once again, let it stay the way it is. BL1 would not be BL1 with BL2’s way.

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[quote=“ACNAero, post:15, topic:307555”]
BL1 would not be BL1 with BL2’s way.
[/quote] As is, rarity is silly and means little to nothing besides “oh look, it ain’t white so it’s better than white”.
All I really want to do is make rarity actually mean something besides more “rare” parts were used or a higher material grade thus giving the illusion of your purple/legendary gun being better than the blue but not cause it has just enough rare parts to make it more rare but the parts that matter are bad rngs (material grade being low, sure you have that fancy magazine or accessory but the body/barrel combo sucks, etc.)

This doesn’t mean however that I wouldn’t jump at the chance to buy a remastered/upgraded version of BL but I’ve had way too many times where a purple gun I find being worse than what I had equipped and it was of lower rarity as well as having too many legendaries having the worst material grade to effectively nerf it to a green level in terms of effectiveness to not want something to change reduce such occurrences from happening as often as they did.

Let me put it this way: In BL1 I search for the perfect version of the gun. It’s like an adventure. In BL2, I search for a version of the gun. It’s tedious. I found a perfect part Vladof AR in BL2 a few weeks ago, didn’t care. In BL1, I found a perfect 12 mag Jakobs shotgun and flipped out. I like the complexity of the BL1 loot system, it’s much more interesting. Liking the loot system in BL2 is fine, if the shoe fits wear it. But please don’t ask for them to change such an intricate loot system such as BL1’s.


I’ll ask for it if they make a poll or something but won’t demand them to (here or someplace else) since they are fairly similar and I survived being frustrated once, I’ll likely survive again if need be.
Semi related, I hope that legendaries/uniques would be added to boss’s loot pools and have a higher than average chance of dropping but the standard global pool is untouched or mostly untouched (only a drop or two in percent chance to spawn) so I can find certain legendaries easier because while going on rampages is fun not getting the right legendary is frustrating.
This would also be a wish for but not demand thing, just a if I could I would but I’m not gonna shove it down someone’s throat if they don’t like it.

Got’cha. Like how I would wish for every single Sythid spawn point to be replaced with Spiderants.


Yes!! If it were Christmas and I sent a list to Santa (or whomever) I wouldn’t expect it all to happen but if it did then I’d be very happy and if not then I’d be happy for what I got or get instead.