If we ignore them they will go away

I was told several times by gearbox that the new DLC was Mac compatible. After going through numerous attempts to get it from Epic where I bought the Mac version of the game, they informed me they would only be selling the Windows version. After I informed Gearbox of this I was told that it is Mac compatible, after searching far and wide I’ve come to the conclusion that no one sells it, even Gearbox’s own store only sells a Windows version.

Can you people not be honest about his?

This has been passed to Gearbox, and is being looked into.
The various staff it was passed to say it should have been released for Mac, as to why it hasn’t I don’t know.

I know @VaultHunter101 was the one to pass it along, but as soon as any moderator finds out more we’ll pass it along, if Gearbox doesn’t beat us to it.

I will bump that topic again, in case there’s anything new but at the moment I’ve heard nothing since this was raised.

Just had an update, unfortunately nothing new but they are committed to finding an answer.

My thoughts.
As it’s approaching the weekend it’s highly unlikely we’ll see anything in the next couple of days.


I’ll just add that whatever communication issue is going on, it appears to be higher up the chain - perhaps between 2K and Epic? Unfortunately, this means that it might take a little longer to resolve - GBX and 2K have pretty well-established communication channels for support issues, but there doesn’t appear to be the same link between GBX and Epic at that level. So I’m guessing that things might have to go through 2K.

Tl;dr - folks at GBX are working on getting answers, but they might not come as fast as you would like.


We’ve gotten the run around about the epic game store dlc not available offline bugs for windows even.

No one in the help dept at 2k or egs will help us.
Ita been 8 months.

Like i feel if gearboz just told epic look this isnt acceptable fix it. We’d all be fine.

From what i know epic just offers refunds for issues no solutions. Thats my horrible experience.

Why the flag? -.-

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