If you all are so good

Sign up for the tournaments on XB1 and show me how good you really are! All I see if posts of how this “character is OP” or gear builds or “your playing that character wrong, this what your supposed to do” or “kill the minions”.

If your all such Battleborn gurus come teach me in a tournament!

— this is my half ass attempt to taunt you into signing up for tournaments. Me and my team are average at best, so you should have no real competition if you guys are as good as you say you are.

If you are so good, come and face my team on PC :slight_smile:

My and my friends are pretty good but I’m not into the tournament stuff I just play for fun


I might just see you there



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I checked out battlefy and how does the bracketing work? it looks like it is set up for 32 teams not 16. Looks like 5 wins and no losses for 1st?

Need to find myself a team…

i dont think im so good, i just know im better than you

edit: except when you rath ult, then youre too good

I would love to take you up and join my team in but three of us are unable to be at our consoles at the start of the tournament

you need to post your rules on here. a friend told me what they were, and i commend you for keeping it competitive. definitely need to post them because the majority of the people that play this game have no clue that what they are doing is not acceptable competitively. no legendaries, there are bans, etc.