If you are having Connection Issues on Borderlands 2

This thread is for those who have recently had an issue with Connections being lost with an error message saying “Check Network Cables Configuration”. This video worked for me. It was a simple workaround.


Thanks for posting, @mabiron92.

Unfortunatey, the invitation workaround has an about 3 out of 10 chance to get things going for a while (we’ve used that as a back door for 6 - 7 weeks by now) but the disconnections still occur as frequently mid-game as ever, even if session is initiated by invitation.

However, thanks, again - any suggestions/response to the #PSNSaturday issue appreciated.

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No problems here! I have all the required ports open for PS4 and Borderlands 2. No problems hosting or joining. No drops at all…I play every evening for about 5-6 hours.

How lovely. Thanks for sharing.


Yip, Anytime.