If you are having trouble deleting badges from the Steam Cloud

I wrote a handy Steam guide to walk people through the process of deleting these files from your Steam Cloud.

I think we should probably move the badges out to a separate folder so that these just never get backed up to the Steam Cloud in the first place.

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See badges is actually something I’d like to keep synched, especially for the ones I like using. Can we have a separate folder for downloaded ones and ones you use get copied to the personal one?

That way only ones I’ve used get synced

I think you might have a more complete grasp on things after reading this thread:

In part because I go into exhausting detail figuring out how it works and why.

Notably, in that thread, it’s pointed out that we already do have a non-Cloud-sync’d directory that Badges can be read from.

Nothing in there is ever sync’d. Only the contents of Profiles is (and everything in there gets sync’d).