If You Cant Fix The HUD Scaling - Let Us Turn the HUD OFF

So another week; another patch, another event I cannot play.

Shame the HUD Scaling slider STILL does not work.

First you removed it from the game video settings.
Then you replaced it with ‘resolution scaling’
Then added it ‘HUD Scaling’ back into the video options, but it does NOT work.

So how about you let us turn the HUD (or better yet, elements of the HUD) off…

What say you… …Allow us to turn off the HUD - And/Or Some Elements ??

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes & Elements

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I guess this is affecting a smaller number of people now, or most have simply abandoned the forum along with the game.

Is the scaling slider working for anyone ?

What are you playing on?
Also, what type of monitor/TV you got?

I will answer, but neither are relevant considering the setting was there, and Worked like a charm for 8 Months.

Dual 27’, but only play on one. i7 7700k / 32gb / 500ssd / 2x 3tb sata - It’a on the ssd, has always been there, had always worked.

I am not the only one with this issue, goto the game yourself, scale the hud down to .7 (which I had it at for 8 months) - It does nothing.

I think many are dismissing this issue as some kind of ancient monitor resolution issue, I assure you it is not.

The HUD was able to be scaled nice , then (using Safe Area setting) all the elements went into each corner, and the xp/gr bar nicely at the bottom.

It worked like this on Epic from the games release, and continued without issue on the Steam release. Then they release the Guardian Takedown, and removed the option. Leaving many of us with (ok maybe a tad hyperbolic) Massive Hud, affecting our ability to play the game.

The put the setting back a few patches ok, but it doesn’t work.

Like a mug I bought this almost day one on epic, just the main game. Then the full monty when they released on Steam.

That’s why I am somewhat still active here. I (and others) are watching content get released that we paid for, that we cannot play.

Judging by the lack of response to this poll, most everyone else has already bailed.

Was just curious, I never tried to scale the HUD so I’m not privvy to how it scaled before and after.
I’ll look into it when I get back home. I don’t see why they would remove it!
And the game is almost a year old, I think most people just come back for when DLC drops. No point to grind for gear just to grind faster for more gear~
Wait, did it change after the release of the guardian takedown? I think my FOV changed and I remember trying to increase my FOV but it didn’t look like it was doing anything.
Am I tripping or does FOV work the same as always?