If you could create an anointment

…what would it be?

I came up with the following last night, an anointment to help with looting.
On grenade/shield: “Only anointments specifically for your character will drop.”
If you are playing as, say, Zane and had this equipped then all anointed gear that dropped would say “Anointed Operative.” There will be no “Anointed Gunner” drops, nor any airborne/sliding ones. Of course, if people didn’t like this they wouldn’t have to use it but it would make it far easier to get the anointments you want because you focus the pool so much.

They could also add this as a Guardian perk further down the line which would mean you wouldn’t have to sacrifice another anointment to get this. And again, you have the ability to enable/disable it as you please.

So anyway, what anointment would you add?


While iron bear is active, gain 50% splash damage reduction (shields)

Applying elemental effects, increases elemental damage by 20% for a short time (weapons)


While Barrier is effective, apply 100% radiation.
While Clone is effective, apply 100% incendiary/corrosion.

On grenade thrown, Amara gains a 100% boost to melee damage and a 50% boost to melee speed for 12 seconds.
On grenade thrown, Fl4k gains a 50% boost to critical hits and a 200% boost to pet damage for 12 seconds.
On grenade thrown, Moze gains 100% boost to splash damage and 30% damage reduction against splash damage for 12 seconds.
On grenade thrown, Zane has a 25% chance to freeze the enemy.


When Digi-Clone is active, Zane and the Clone gain a 12% chance of scoring a critical hit.


While badass enemies are nearby you have 25% increased action skill recharge speed, 25% increased movement speed, 25% increased reload speed, 25% increased fire rate & regenerate 5% of maximum ammo per second


I love that idea.

When digi-clone is active, you and your clone do 100% bonus elemental damage, depending on your gun’s current element. If using no element, gain 100% Splash.


“While Moze is in Iron Bear, it deals 150% more damage.”

There is anointments “While IB is active”, problem is… that everyone goes for AutoBear, because why piloting it when you can go auto-mode ? IB needs to be more powerful while Moze is inside.

Some anoints to boost Fl4k’s critical damage won’t hurt too.

And that one is nice.


On Action Skill End blue screen the game.

No, wait… that one is already in the game :smiley:

Personally, I would like the “bonus xp from kills” luneshine effect to come back as an anointment on either weapons or shields. It doesn’t need to be a big amount (I’m thinking 10% at most), but I’d love to have the option to further speed up the rate at which I obtain Guardian Ranks.


Artifact special effects are counted as Hunter Skills/Kill Skills

If this was in the game I’d finally switch to using Bounty Hunter as my main COM

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Expanded on the previous idea:

  • Artifact effects count as Kill Skills. (Zane)
  • Artifact effects count as Hunt Skills. (FL4K)
  • Artifacts gain +X% increased power per Rush stack. (Amara)
  • Artifacts gain increased power the more bonus incendiary damage Moze currently has. (Moze)

All of them are meant to somehow tie in better with each character’s skill tree rather than being generic action skill stuff. Moze doesn’t really have a special category of skills like the other characters do so I went with the next best thing. It might make bonus incendiary anoints (and Mayhem-scaled FITSD) too powerful on her but that could simply be fixed by having those not affect artifact anoints.

(also yes for the FL4K anoint on-kill artifact effects would count as kill skills as well for more synergy with Bounty Hunter)


On action skill end your next melee hit will convert 1 non-boss/special enemy into an ally.
Can only convert 3 enemies into allies. Meleeing more will instantly kill the oldest converted enemy.
Converted ally deals 75% increased damage

An anointment that cares about Brands! Example: when using all the same brand of equipment you do 5% more damage- can stack with multiple gear pieces and anointments
(Say your using vladof guns, shields and grenade) each slot that has a VLADOF brand item will give you a bonus.


Two parts to this.
We have the Urad annointment, why not a “while shields are at 0 or inactive, gain 150% bonus corosive (or cryo) damage”? This would give us a reason to use a rough rider or low capacity shields that you want to be broken all the time. This could also work while you are in Iron bear, since you technically don’t have a shield meter at that time.
Second part would be to add a shield that it’s capacity counts as armor, or an annointment that does the same, while doubling capacity, but lowering shield regeneration.


While under 50% health deal 150% bonus Cryo damage.
While under 50% health deal 150% bonus Incendiary damage.
While under 50% health deal 150% bonus Corrosive damage.
While under 50% health deal 150% bonus Shock damage.

Was I only limited to 1?


I would like to see some more Defensive style anointment’s such as when shield is broken gain 50% Fire/Splash/Cryo/Rad damage reduction.

Or maybe even a on shield break gain armor equivalent to your shields

I feel there is enough damage available to me, but when my nearly 90k Shield Moze can be one shotted by one snot nosed badass tink there is a problem


On shield break instantly gain back 25% of action skill cooldown/duration & create a shockwave that damages & stuns nearby enemies for 3 seconds


While shield is low or at 0 gain a 25% elemental damage resistance, regenerate 2% of max health per second, regenerate 3% of max ammo of currently held weapon per second & while shield is equipped gain armor equal to 10% of your max health (armor meter is between health & shield meter) until shield has recharged to full

On Jakobs weapons: every enemy hit by a ricochet bullet increases your damage by X%.
On Maliwan weapons: increased elemental damage after switching elements.
On Atlas weapons: automatically shoots a tracker after reloading.
On Dahl weapons: switching modes increases critical damage for X sec
On CoV weapons: more heat more damage