If you could create your own mayhem modifier

As the title suggests, if you could create your own mayhem modifier what would it be?
& don’t leave out any of the wacky ones

Name: Master craftsman
Difficulty: Hard
Effect: Any Enemies that use weapons have a 25% chance to spawn with a random legendary weapon, shield or grenade mod equipped, while badass & stronger enemies (except some bosses) have a 10% chance to spawn with a random legendary weapon & shield mod equipped

Name: Swimming in lead
Difficulty: Easy
Effect: All player weapons regenerate 5% of their clip per second & deal more damage

Name: Super jumper
Difficulty: Easy
Effect: All players have the low gravity jump effect, ground slams have greatly increased damage, speed, range & can stagger badass & stronger enemies


heh - I played with an actual version of Master Craftsman mode in BL2 with the UCP (I think it gave them the usual drop rate to spawn? They almost always had some Unique thing), and I loved it. It added a little meta challenge of eyeballing a mob beforehand for finding out the hard way that one of them was packing something truly lethal, using my ability to identify weapons to keep me out of trouble. I ate a Bekah once - hits hard AF, but it’s easy to dodge. Norfleets in a Goliath Blaster’s hands though, I think I saw three times? Once I randomly died out of nowhere, so on respawn (when the enemies calmed down), I nosed around and saw him. The other two times, they hit some object in between, and once I saw the three plasma orbs, I manged to run for my life. 10/10, would do again. It can have weird interactions though - one spawned with a Chopper, but the enemies don’t hold the trigger down; they fan the hammer, so it just sort of shot like a Vladof-barreled Dahl AR.

I’d take Hyperspeed from the Mutator Arena: faster reload and movement speed for both me and the enemies. I’d also love Half Gravity from the same: low-G is always fun for me.

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Imagine turning a corner & coming across a goliath blaster dual wielding 2 nukems, it’d be the equivalent of coming across an enemy in fallout who’s carrying a fatman & you happen to be very close to them, either way your screwed

Nonono, please no! We did it once before and now we have “floor is lava”.

This is kind of a riff on the cartel event, but I’ve always kinda wouldn’t have minded a modifier where, upon death, an enemy has a chance to drop a transponder to warp in reinforcements of that enemy type. Say, warp in a couple of badass variants and 3-4 regular mobs. To me that seems more “mayhemy” than most of the existing modifiers.


I just wanted double enemies, or triple. So when you have the modifier active its like Dynasty Warriors in Borderlands… That or swarms in mini things, like a gazillion nano bots pop out of enemies and coat the ground, each one with its own hit box.

Name: The Final Solution 1, 2, 3, 4
Difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard
Effect: All active modifiers are turned off and their effects negated.

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How did you come up with 15% of mag per second? That’s enough to keep most weapons loaded forever. I’d say maybe 1 or 2 percent without dmg bonus (we already have big kick energy).

If I were to suggest a modifier, it would maybe be
Adaptive shields (i’m not sure if this name isn’t used for a modifier already)
Difficulty: medium
Effect: one in a few enemies gets all their hp bars (health, shields an armor) turned into the equal amount of shields health and armor (example: enemy had 100 health, and 100 shield, now they have 200 armor). That enemy changes their hp bar into a different type every x seconds (maybe 15, 30, more if it would prove too annoying)

Was floor is lava requested by community? I like it as a concept, at least, it should not be too much of a problem for anyone except fl4k.

Yep, I can’t find it but before m2 there were ideas like floor is lava and big head mode as suggestions for the old modifiers and than we get this…

People were not happy with game breaking modifiers back in the days then you started the game and your damage was reduced to nothing.

Lost Mags- Hard: On kill, enemies have a chance to release Dark Mag. Dark Mag will chase you and if it hits you, it removes all ammo in your current gun’s magazine, forcing a reload. Those bullets are lost. Tediore guns act as if they were reloaded at 0 rounds.

Dark Mag moves faster than DEATH.


Name: Heretical light
Difficulty: Easy
Effect: 15% chance that upon killing an enemy they will revive as an ally & will fight alongside the player for 1 minute

Name: Coagulant replication
Difficulty: hard
Effect: Upon damaging an enemy they will begin to multiply by double every 10 seconds (except anointed militants, hags & bosses, other enemies will take 15-25 seconds to begin multiplying) (replicant enemies don’t drop anything except for ammo, boosters & health vials, they also give only a ¼ of the original enemies exp)

Name: Virulant nightmare
Difficulty: Hard
Effect: Slain enemies have a 15% chance to revive as a zombie, gaining a 30% increased movement speed boost, 50% melee damage boost, 50% physical damage resistance, random element immunity & can infect other enemies turning them into zombies as well, they attack their enemies with melee attacks, random elemental spit, random element vomit spray, bite attack & a groundslam attack

Note, the zombies are hostile to everyone except bosses

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Name: Shrink Ray
Difficulty: Medium
Effect: Vault hunter is the size of a tink. Makes it harder to jump over things, mantling and makes hitting crits a little harder.

Smaller jump hight would mess with how some maps are made - some of jumps over holes would be made impossible.

It’s the worst anointment.

If it was an anointment, it would have been the worst. But it’s a modifier. Rouge lite and not the face are worse modifiers.


Haha. Ooops

Name: Monty’s Python
Difficulty: Hard
Effect: A giant foot randomly steps on areas of the current map once a fight starts, squishing everything (and anyone) in its path.

Name: Wiley’s Revenge
Difficulty: Medium
Effect: Whenever an enemy puts you into FFYL, a large anvil drops on their head causing massive damage and stunning them for several moments. If they die from the initial anvil drop, it counts towards getting a second wind.

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Name: Ava-Cadaver
Difficulty: Easy
Effect: All enemies change skins to look and sound like Ava clones.