If you could design your own gun, shield, class mod and relic, what would they be like?

My gun would be a chimera smg. Like the chimera revolver in BL 1 Robot revolution dlc only way better. It would do fire, electric and caustic damage, seeing all the red, blue and green numbers coming off the bad guys would be soo satisfying. It would have a high accuracy like mid 90’s super fast reload with 60 to 100 bullet clip (even if it’s fast i don’t want to reload to often) and a built in +5 bullet regen. Alt fire mode it go’s to a 5 bullet burst fire. The first burst is always radiation the second cryo third explosive. ( weaken freeze and blow them up).

My shield would be an electro kinetic life shield. It would absorb kinetic, electric and explosive dmg to make it stronger. If it absorbs to much it releases electric spikes that dmg near by enemies. Radiation, fire, cryo and caustic would affect the shield normally, but, when depleted you gain massive health regen. If you do go down “into fight for your life” there’s a 30% chance to get an instant second wind with full shield and 5 seconds of health regen.

Moze is going to be my main, so my class mod would give 30% extra normal, explosive and fire dmg. 30% longer Iron Bear duration. 30% faster cool down. And a +10 bullet regen.

And my relic would give 20% extra on all dmg type’s. And 20% action skill duration & cool down.

So that’s my list, I’m looking forward to reading yours. I kept mine in between realistic & ridiculous, but you go crazy with yours, let your imagination go wild.

To any Gearbox and/or 2K employee’s who may be reading this. I waive my righs to these ideas, mainly because they are based on your idea’s. So feel free to put these things in Borderlands 3. ( Please, PLEASE put them in the game.)

Yellow. And probably overpowered.

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Vladof Assault rifle that is minigun style and has a total of 4 barrels that are always active with a large clip that toggles a bipod and belt feeds the gun making the mag = the entire ammo supply and boosting fire rate as it alt mode.


Shield creates radiation clouds when hit. When shield is depleted does a nova burst in radiation element. Causes a nuclear explosion much like a tactical nuke when health is depleted.

Class Mod

Not decided on skills yet. Non skill bonuses I would have Assault Rifle damage boost and fire rate bonus.


So far these seem to add effects to stuff. I would prefer one that caused non explosive projectiles to pierce targets (AKA B0re without the damage booster)


I’d make a gun called Taco Tuesday. Shoots tacos that explode into tortilla chips


“It’s got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger.”
Legendary Jakobs shotgun

  • Fires as fast as you can pull the trigger
  • Will periodically fire at enemies behind you
  • Causes knockback on enemies
  • Regenerates ammo
  • +200% critical hit damage

Legendary Shield

  • +30% Recharge rate
  • -30% Recharge delay
  • High capacity, reduces max health
  • Hold __ to consumes shields for health. Hold __ to consume health for shields.

Tactical Guardian
Legendary Operative Class Mod

  • +25% Barrier size
  • +25% effectiveness to Barrier augments
  • +5 to “Adrenaline” skill
  • +5 to “Hearty Stock” skill
  • +1 to “Futility Belt” skill
  • +1 to “Really Expensive Jacket” skill
  • Any enemy damage taken by Barrier, charges it, boosting the damage of any player behind or within Barrier firing through it.

Defense Matrix
Legendary Relic

  • Enemies have +20% chance to miss

Suggested red text:

Aye, Palindrome… Aye.

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How about a gun inspired by the Noisy Cricket from the first MIB. Small gun that packs a huge knockback. And to make things fair, a small percentage that the gun gets knocked out of your hand.

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I think the fact that it knocks you back/down, already makes it fair…

DAHL assault rifle with auto and semi-auto mods. Elemental variants only. It would have high elemental status chance and greatly increased damage in semi auto mod. And reduced ammo consumption in auto mod.

Possible overlap with: If you were allowed to make a legendary gun for BL3
Worth reading suggestions there, too.
Hope gearbox make a competition for these, to let fans make their own legendary. =]

Throwing Knife

Tediore Pistol
Incredibly Low Damage with 2 Mag size
Insanely fast Reload Speed
Extra Grenade Damage
(Maybe a Melee Bonus as well)
Essentially its unusable as a gun but works like the Fastball from BL2


Jakobs Shotgun
Consumes 10 ammo per shot
Increased Damage and Pellets
Sledges Shotgun sized clip
Medium Fire Rate
Highly Reduced Accuracy
This is purely a bossing Shotgun since the ammo ussuage makes mobbing impossible


Hyperion Shield
Higher than Average shield delay
Amp shots completely drain shield
Killing an enemy completely refills shield

Class Mods

Just fix Zanes lmao


Operative COM
+4 Like a Ghost
+2 Trick of the Light
+2 Adrenaline
-70% AS duraction
+100% Cooldown Rate
Whenever the effect of Like a Ghost procs, enemies ignore you (activating Trick of the Light) for the duration of your AS

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Class mods

Moze: Bullet hoze
+1 auto bear(always)
stoke the embers
+iron bank
every time moze deals gun damage, her and iron bear’s weapons gain bonus damage(1%)
this effect stacks up to 50 times. when moze reloads or stops attacking the same enemy all stacks are lost.

Zane: Techspert
+1 confident confidence
+ready for action
Zane’s barrier gains the all rounder augment
zane’s barrier gains a 33% chance to destroy projectiles that would normally pass through it.

Fl4k: Rakk commander
+grim harvest
+interplanetary stalker
+pack tactics
rakk attack gains a chance to score a critical hit(50%)

Amara: Phaserazer
+laid bare
10 seconds after using phasecast amara’s shots are amped(5%) per consumed rush stack
killing an enemy while this skill is active gives 2 rush stacks instead of 1

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God i wish those items were real.

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A tediore that reloads like a longbow grenade would be good. With a melee bonus that activates when the reload hits an enemy too.

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An Ultra Shreddifier with 4 barrels :slight_smile:

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Lol I would “redesign” the flakker to exactly what it was at launch :unamused:

There is actually a weapon I came up with, the first time I saw that Borderlands 3 will have Dinosaurs.

The Turok series are my favourite games of all time so it would be a unique Atlas Pistol, close to the AX-19 that acts like a bow.

The normal mode would slowly fire arrows in an ballistic arc that do pretty good damage while the gimmick would be that rather than the tracker mode it would fire a single sticky arrow that detonates shortly afterwards for high (splash) damage.

Tek 3000
I’m Saurian Hunter
Critical Hits do 75% more damage
Deals 50% more damage against Saurians
+25% melee damage (melee attachment)

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Here are the shield, relic and class mod. They’re not meant as serious as my gun but I figured I make one for each of a favourite game of mine.


Evil always finds a way
Above average shield capacity
+25% ammunition and money from pick-ups
Enemies that damage your shield have a chance to be turned into allies for 8 seconds, enemies that die under this effect restore 5% of your max health.


Remember the dead
But fight for the living
+50% melee damage
+40% Ffyl duration
Shooting an ally who is in Ffyl while you are in Ffyl yourself will refill a percentage of their Ffyl timer.
-50% New U fee

Amara Class Mod:

Memory Hunter
Next time you’ll remember me
+1 Blitz
+1 Helping Hand(s)
+1 Mindfullnes
Attacking enemies with a melee attack has a chance to stun them for 2 seconds
+Shield Capacity
+5% damage reduction against enemy bullets

I also really wanted to make a gun based on Darksiders but there are already dozens of “The 4th Rider” on the web, so I came up with this…

Torgue Pistol:

Rider of the red horse
Can you restore the Balance?
Always 10 round magazine, low damage but fast firing rate (like a Jakobs), killing an enemy regenerates 10 pistol ammo.
Sticky mode only has one ammo, reloading summons a giant fiery fist that deals AoE damage and leaves a burning field behind.
+50% Damage against airborne targets
Deals 200% gun damage to enemies that have been hit with melee for a few seconds.


Gun: Plague ( on killing an enemy the virus jumps to the nearest enemy and does damage based on their weakness, each time an enemy is killed whilst being infected the DOT increases in strength and it jumps to an additional enemy 10% of all dot damage constantlantly heals the VH

Shield: Attack of the clones ( on breaking the shield creates two clones of the player that last 10 seconds and damage with the weapon equipped/buffs etc, all agro diverted to clones for the duration

Mod: TreeTastic ( amplifies VH’s chosen action skill and End tree skill by 25%, 27.5 wep damage 10% movement speed kills give a 5% damage bonus for for 10 secs, stacks and is renewed each kill, after not killing for 10 secs bonus lost

Relic: Bring it on Critter ! ( Crits grant 10% ammo regen of total ammo for 3 seconds, Crit kills make player vanish for 3 seconds and boost movement speed by 40 % , after a Crit the next 3 attacks that crit cause the target to Bleed ( blood or oil lol ) for 3 seconds 100dps

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Name: Far Koff
Brand: Torgue
Type: Shotgun
Red Text: And when you get there, Far Koff again
Effect: On hit, causes massive knockback to target, throwing them far away from you. Also, projectiles stick to target and explode when they impact anything or after a few seconds, for increased damage. Explosion triggers knockback again, tossing the enemy up in the air.

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