If you could design your own gun, shield, class mod and relic, what would they be like?

After some thinking I figured I make a complete item set inspired by Darksiders and I’m totally not biassed because it’s the only series I love even more than Borderlands, well aside from Turok :rofl:

So here we go


Rider of the pale horse
But sometimes, the hero dies in the end

+75% Melee damage
+2,5% damage reduction

Melee attacks randomly cause either a cryo, corrosion or radiation status effect that also spreads to one additional target. If an enemies dies under these effects you regenerate 1%/max Health

Upon gaining a Second Wind you gain massive health regeneration for 60sec.


Pretty much a really strong Stormfront with purple lightning.

Rider of the black horse
For the Horsemen!

-10% max. health
+12% Luck
Enemies drop more ammo,health and cash pick-ups
+50% melee damage

Enemies that are hit by a lightning arc are also afflicted by an incendiary status effect.

If an enemy dies from the grenade it reduces action skill cooldown by 1sec.

After throwing a grenade all chests in the vicinity are “pinged/marked” for a short time


Rider of the white horse
I’m not alone

Below average shield capacity

90% chance to absorb enemies pistol bullets

While shield is full has a 20% chance that you shoot 2 pistol projectiles instead of 1.

+100% sliding speed after shield break for 5 sec.

+100% Pistol damage
+50% reload speed with Tediore guns
+10% movement speed
+10% damage reduction while sliding, being airborne
+5% damage reduction while reloading

Also if you have equipped every item of the set (these + Rider of the red horse) you get +20% action cooldown rate and a secret bonus depending on which class you play:

-Moze: + 30% Bearfist and Iron Bear stomp damage.
-FL4K: +20% damage with Rakk Attack
-Amara: +10% Elemental effect duration
-Zane: +20% Digi Clone duration

I hope these are not too ridiculous.


Name: Ripley’s rifle
Type: AR
Manufacturer: Vladof
Red text: Show me everything.
Appearance: Looks like two guns duct-taped together. Alternating fire mode moves character’s hands from one gun to the other.
Special effect: Main weapon fires normal type rounds, full auto with high rate of fire and large magazine. Secondary fire is a flamethrower with long range and high chance of DoT, burst fire (each time you fire, it sprays for 1 second). Flamethrower deals bonus damage to varkid eggs and nekretafeyo creatures.

I think it’d be good if it have some kind of beeping sound, like the locator taped to the gun, in the film (Aliens), but that might get annoying and I’m not sure who it would point towards, other than possibly alerting you to nearby enemies.


Name: Anarchy
Type: AR with underbarrel shotgun
Manufacturer: Vladof
Red Text: If I hit ya, you’re going to feel it.
Special Effect: AR and shotgun have very high damage and ridiculously low accuracy, but projectiles bounce off objects towards any nearby enemies, dealing reduced damage. Killing an enemy grants a damage boost for 10 seconds (doesn’t stack, but killing another enemy adds an extra 10 seconds to the timer, which is displayed on the side of the gun as a stopwatch).
EDIT: The gun has a red and black default skin, with black “A” anarchy symbols on the sides.

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Very nice touch.

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Name: S&S antique
Type: Revolver Pistol
Manufacturer: Jacobs
Red text: Reload: (verb) Something you do after your target is dead
Effect: Has a MASSIVE cylinder for the revolver, which holds ~40 bullets. Reloading has an animation with a huge speedloader and long reload time. Weapon damage is average for a Jacobs pistol.


A shield that’s immune to Flakker. I love Flakking but it usually results in me downing myself.

Would love a relic that doubles the height of your jump. Love the slam but on everyone but Amara it’s too risky

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Associating S&S with Jakobs

That is heresy.

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Lol. =]
Honestly, I wasn’t sure what manufacturer to make an S&S revolver in B3. I thought CoV, maybe Tediore, but they don’t reload, so figured it’d have to be Jacobs.
Or just add some old “antique” guns in a DLC, with the original manufacturers. You find some old crates of weapons/prototypes in storage or something? Great way to re-introduce some of the old guns, like the B1 eridian weaponry.


Name: Duck n Cover
Type: SMG
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Red Text: Hands over your head, keep low to the ground. The vault hunters who don’t will cease to be around.
Effect: The SMG has a large boost to gun shield. When crouching, shield extends all around you, in a ball, and gains small damage reduction.
EDIT: the gun has a default skin of yellow, with an army-helmet wearing duck on the side.


Name: The Outside Bet
Type: SMG
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Red Text: Not exactly the Russian type.
Special Effect: The gun has a circlular display, containing a roulette wheel with a small number of icons instead of numbers. While firing, the wheel spins and the ball rotates. When firing stops for a second (usually during firing), the ball comes to rest within the roulette wheel. Wherever the ball stops, the icon it lands in will appear in the center of the wheel (the icon stays visible at all times, but swaps to the new bonus when you fire and stop again). The gun receives a bonus based on the icon selected.
Icons can include elemental symbols (which add elemental damage), an explosion (which makes shots explosive), an X2 (which fires double the number of shots for the same ammo consumption), a shield (which makes your gun shield heavily resist damage and charge quickly) and a magazine (which gives all shots a chance to not consume ammo).
The gun has a black and red checkerboard patterned skin, as default. It would drop from a miniboss in the Moxxi’s Heist DLC.

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Name: Go-Go Bot
Type: Class Mod (Fl4k)
Red Text: Keeps going and going,…
Special Effect: Fl4k gains 25% Movement Speed, Reload Speed, Fire Rate and Damage. This effect doubles while in Fade Away and gains +25% critical damage.
Skills Boosted: Furious Attack, The Fast and the Furryous, Overclocked

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Legendary Jakobs shotgun:

Vampire Killer
You don’t belong in this world

Always a magazine size of 3

+50% melee damage

Shoots a single strong, high velocity stake that inflicts Bleed status (similiar to BL1 Carnage)

Upon reloading, enemies close to the hit target are impaled (1sec. stun and damage) and also suffer from Bleed

Special white text: Invokes fear among the creatures of the night (+50% damage while it is night and flying creatures take +100% damage)

Whip crack after firing

Unique weapon skin, depicting a dragon

Legendary Vladof assault rifle with a underbarrel shotgun that is a nod back to BL1 The Blister:

New and improved Blister

The underbarrel Shotgun is always corrosive and has a magazine size of about 20

The AR has a small magazine size and is always incendiary

After switching to the AR enemies that have a corrosion DoT on them take +50% incendiary damage


Legendary Maliwan Terminator Shotgun

It’s cold in Hell

Large magazine size

Always cryo

For every enemy that is under a cryo effect, the charge time is decreased


Legendary Atlas rocket launcher:

Vintage Eridian Coil
010011110100110101000111, it strikes twice?

Always magazine size of 1

Fires a large very slow electricity ball, if it hits a target a second ball spawns close to the initial target and homes in on it

Very slowly regenerates rocket launcher ammo


My favorite manufacturer is Vladof because of the style, high magazine size and fire rate. But as a Moze main using a Bottomless Mags/ Demolition women build i don’t get to utilize the skills in the DW tree with Vladof guns. ( besides the Ogre, which i don’t like.) So this is a unique gun i wish GB would make.

Name: Triquetra.
Red text: The power of thr33 will set us fr33.
Any Charmed fan will get it.
It has a heavy three theme. All stats are at lvl 53.
Type: Vladof Assault Rifle
Damage: ranging from 200×3 to 300×3 consumes 3 ammo per shot.
Accuracy: 73%
Handling: 73%
Fire rate: 9.0
Reload time: 3.3
Mag. Size: 99
Has a 33 splash damage radius.
Shoots three bullets in a tight triangle pattern each doing a different elemental type damage.
The other unique thing about this gun is it barrows three gimmicks from other manufacturers. From Jacobs: critical hits returns 3 bullets to your magazine, and ricochet 3 bullets at nearest enemy.
I think it’s a Dahl thing, though I could be wrong. It has a 3% chance not to consume ammo.
And from Torgue: alt fire mode of stickies that explode after 3 seconds if not triggered manually. Fire rate is dropped to 3.3 in stickies mode.
A gun like this would allow me to utilize all the skills from both tree’s and bonus, it has all my favorite gimmicks in one gun. It might be a little too OP though, so i doubt GB would make such a gun.

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Class: FL4K
Gun: I don’t remember the name but it’s a legendary Jakobs revolver that I really like
Gear: Literally anything and everything critical hit based
Shield: Transformer
Grenade: Some high shock powered grenade to heal my shield with
Class mod: Need to specifically buff up one skill that buffs every skill on the hunter skill tree (since I’m critical hit based that will really bring up my power)

There’s another thread, with the same theme. I’ll add the link, in case anyone wants to compare ideas. =]

I loved playing the Montana fire self damage build in battleborn. Basically you would augment your minigun to deal fire DOT damage. Then you would augment it again so instead of it overheating, you would do increased damage depending how overheated it was. The trade off was the gun would start to burn you, and the longer you kept firing the more damage you would deal to yourself. Here are 3 new items/changes to make a build like this in borderlands 3.

Embrace the pain rework Or additional verision (Rare redistributor vs legendary redistributor)

This gun will now have a 100% elemental chance that wont stack on the same target and the gun can’t break, but this version will consume ammo while overheating. This gun will apply an equivalent fire dot to yourself for every unique fire DOT source being applied to an enemy. So you could have this guns dot, a granade fire dot, and a nova sheild fire dot, for a total of 3 maximum self fire DOTs.

The lumber jack Moze class mod

Skills - experimental munitions maximum +1, scorching rpms maximum + 3, Vampyr maximum +5

Effect - 50% of self damage is negated and applied to your next shot.

So lets say you are doing 900 fire DOT damage a second to yourself, you will take 450 damage per second and your bullets will deal 450 more fire damage.(as initial damage not as a dot) Or lets say you hit yourself with a nukem for 15000 damage, you’ll only take 7500 damage and your next shot will deal 7500 extra kinetic splash damage. Note it will only be the next shot because it was a single self damage hit but if you have a continuous dot on yourself it will apply the damage to every shot untill the dot or dots are clensed.

Rampage of the Psycho Nova shield/roid shield

A modified version of the flame of the firehawk.

On sheild depleted release a continuous fire nova untill recharge starts. Must fully recharge to refresh.

+3% health regen/sec

Nova damage - low

Roid damage - medium

Capacity - medium

Recharge delay - Long

Recharge rate - low

Existing items

elemental projector

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mine would be a twister , antagonist , chaotic good necromancer , shock bone of the ancient. yes im a gaige lover

Torgue - Assault Rifle
Mag Size: Around 12-15
Fully Automatic
Fire Rate: ~ 6 - 7 / Sec
Reload Speed: Slightly Slow

Has no Alternate firing mode. It only fires stickies. The initial Projectile cannot crit, but the explosion can, at a 25% chance.

Explosions that Crit have a Jakobs Critical like effect of flinging shrapnel to nearest enemies.

Critical explosion earns you a F*CK YEAH! booster, with Mr Torgue’s voice> Picking up the booster increases your fire rate, but also sets you on fire. Not a ton of damage for a single booster, but the more boosters you pick up, the effect is multiplicative, instead of additive, meaning You’ll fire fast, but… You’re going to be taking a lot of damage.

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Name: The A-Maize-ing
Type: Grenade Mod
Manufacturer: Hyperion (longbow) or Tediore (lobbed) or Torgue (exploder)
Red Text: What’s that? Hot buttered popcorn!
Elements: Normal only
Special effect: Grenade is a large silver ball (like a hob cooked popcorn container), which fires out smaller white grenades in random directions, every 0.5 seconds. It fires between 3-8 grenades each time, each having a fuse of 0.5-1.5 seconds, and fires around 8 bursts. Grenades explode with the sound of a corn kernel popping into popcorn and do medium splash damage. Ideally, once the grenade starts, you should soon hear a constant rapid popping for a few seconds, trailing off into silence.
Each “popcorn” grenade could also have a small chance to spawn in a yellow “buttered” form, which would deal double damage.

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A couple of more that I’ve thought of.

Red Text: I love the smell of Napalm in the Morning.
Low Cap
Short Delay
Slow Recharge
Can have a Resistance

When the shield breaks, You are the center point for a Mirv Tactular style Torgue Grenade Explosion, in the element of the resistance.

Think Band of Citorak, but with a slower recharge, and when the shield breaks, you coat the area around you in Torque XPLOSIONS!

Prototype Z:
Red Text: Are you a real killer?
20 -25 Mag Count
Slow Reload
Great Damage. Something that you would actually use as a bossing weapon.

Alternate Firing Mode: Red Button.
When you press the red button, the next trigger press will cause the weapon to throw itself like a tediore, and create a large incendiary grenade explosion.

Special Ability (Normal Firing Mode) When hitting a target with a bullet, ALL shots from the Z Prototype home to that projectile for the next 5 seconds. (Even if the target dies, or you miss and it hits a wall)

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