If you could design your own gun, shield, class mod and relic, what would they be like?

More of an idea and less on specifics (maybe one of you have ideas on fleshing it out).

Planet specific Eridian artifacts (only farmable on those planets maybe?).

e.g The Promethea- gives powers similar to (but limited to reasonableness) The Ravager. Maybe something like Grave, where your hp loss gives different bonuses. Say, at 75%, 50% and 25% hp get temporary immunity and a damage boost of corrosive, radiation, and fire, respectively.

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Ty ty. I really liked yours, especially the Darksiders reference. Good series. Your post inspired me to stylize mine. The rest was just having fun.

Yeah, Spartan was the item I put the least thought into. I made it up on the spot. Originally, it negated all damage, but had a cooldown. I’m probably going to rethink it. Thanks for critiquing.

Yep, Pack Hunter would let you have 2 pets out and about. You’d also get the additional pet bonus as well. It’s been a while since I’ve played FL4K, so I don’t know if it’s balanced. Having a total of 3 did cross my mind at one point. I have to credit FL4K players for the idea. Being able to summon multiple pets is one of their top requests. I also happened to be stumble upon a Simpsons clip which motivated me to make a class mod around it.


After some thinking I figured I make a complete item set inspired by Darksiders and I’m totally not biassed because it’s the only series I love even more than Borderlands, well aside from Turok :rofl:

So here we go


Rider of the pale horse
But sometimes, the hero dies in the end

+75% Melee damage
+2,5% damage reduction

Melee attacks randomly cause either a cryo, corrosion or radiation status effect that also spreads to one additional target. If an enemies dies under these effects you regenerate 1%/max Health

Upon gaining a Second Wind you gain massive health regeneration for 60sec.


Pretty much a really strong Stormfront with purple lightning.

Rider of the black horse
For the Horsemen!

-10% max. health
+12% Luck
Enemies drop more ammo,health and cash pick-ups
+50% melee damage

Enemies that are hit by a lightning arc are also afflicted by an incendiary status effect.

If an enemy dies from the grenade it reduces action skill cooldown by 1sec.

After throwing a grenade all chests in the vicinity are “pinged/marked” for a short time


Rider of the white horse
I’m not alone

Below average shield capacity

90% chance to absorb enemies pistol bullets

While shield is full has a 20% chance that you shoot 2 pistol projectiles instead of 1.

+100% sliding speed after shield break for 5 sec.

+100% Pistol damage
+50% reload speed with Tediore guns
+10% movement speed
+10% damage reduction while sliding, being airborne
+5% damage reduction while reloading

Also if you have equipped every item of the set (these + Rider of the red horse) you get +20% action cooldown rate and a secret bonus depending on which class you play:

-Moze: + 30% Bearfist and Iron Bear stomp damage.
-FL4K: +20% damage with Rakk Attack
-Amara: +10% Elemental effect duration
-Zane: +20% Digi Clone duration

I hope these are not too ridiculous.