If you could play any VH in BL3?

So let’s say Gearbox did an addon that allowed all the VH’s from BL1, BL2, TPS, and BL3 to be accessed, would very many people still play BL3 VH’s?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Zane and I think he is fun, but if I could play Krieg or Maya or Doppleganger, I would absolutely do it.

If you could pick 1-3 VH’s from the series, what would your picks be and how do you think they would do?

I think Krieg would do amazing for most bosses as Bloodsplosion can take advantage of so many of the boss fights. Certain bosses would really make him struggle though with my playstyle which is melee/bloodsplosion.

Maya would be a blast to play as a healer in BL3 and would be an awesome sniper.

Timothy would do well but might struggle in M4 with some of the harder bosses since his clones may not be up to par.

Regardless, I would have a blast trying to make them work!!


always gaige


As easy as it is to get back up from FFYL, Anarchy Gaiges could really shine here that’s for sure.

and atlas guns <3


ANY VH from ANY game in the series? Oh, that’s easy… my Wilhelm from The Pre-Sequel! And I don’t just say that because he has the most amazing Legendary Class Mod I’ve ever seen in any Borderlands game, but also just because he and his 2 drones fit my playstyle the best. :sunglasses:

Sadly, I seem to remember that as per the events of Borderlands 2, he wouldn’t be an option in BL3. Such is life. So, I’ll just keep on using Zane and FL4K. :man_shrugging:

Real tough question but I’d have to say Krieg for now. Throwing axes and doing bloodsploisions would be hella fun! Even an elemental fire build would work wonders. I always loved his FFYL ability and as soon as I unlocked that skill I never went down.

I’d like to say Maya preferably but she is basically Amara now.
I’d like to say Lilith but then there’s Flak.
Wilhelm/Jack is Zane.
And yet even though there are similarities I still prefer the original VHs for some reason.

My second pick would probably be Aurelia. Cryo is so great in this game that I think her skills would be nice in this game. I’m unsure how exactly she would beat Wotan but I’m sure somebody will figure it out. I had always hated doing bosses on her because of her Action Skill was basically useless against them.


BL1 Lilith or BL1 Mordecai. They were the reasons some guns were nerfed or excluded from BL2.

Athena all the way.


Zer0 is a better fl4kk through and through lmfao.

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Probably Zer0. I just like playing him, what can I say? Plus, imagine how badly you could bully Graveward with Critical Ascensi0n and the Kunai.
Though I’d also really like the Borderlands 2 Lyuda back, I just liked it better than the Bl3 iteration…

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Definitely Amara, by a long shot.

Usually I’d say Maya on #2. But if I had to pick 3 VH’s i could use, I’d drop her because too similar to Amara who I’ve picked already. The other 2 would probably be Athena and Zane then.

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Oh I miss my BL2 Pimpernel…

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I’m probably the most addicted Iron Bear specialized Moze main to ever exist soooo… Even though I enjoyed all Borderlands games and liked Axton from all my heart I would still main Moze.

My girlfriend however said she would never play Amara again if there was even the slightest chance to play Maya again. She literally said she would even prefer a zombie version of Maya over Amara lol.

EDIT: She doesn’t like Amara because her phase-ability is all about damage buffs whereas Maya could destroy everything in her path using her phaselock ability itself.

between zer0 and doppleganger for me but if they did I would probly play again as at moment im doing other games and waiting for all dlc to be out with max level cap.

Athena, I want a real melee character

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Except for the fact that his Digi-Clone does NOTHING except stand there, twirling a sword, sure, sure, I can see that.

Myself, I prefer my pets to actually DO SOMETHING, but to each their own! :wink: :+1:

krieg without a doubt. “release the beast”

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You must have meant Krieg then…

Lol sorry my nephew and I argue all the time as his favorite is Athena and my favorite is Krieg…


Krieg and Athena. :slight_smile: