If you dare... Involves Echos

I know you guys love sounds and environment and I know you’ve worked very hard at crisping them. But I love small details like shadows and lateral capabilities, but one thing I’ve never heard before in games is sound echos. I think that would add more depth and distance in the game. Dare: figure out how to add echos before the game releases. #YouGuysRTheRebels


I hear them in BL2 (more like an implementation of EAX, where if I’m in a quiet room and I jump, I’ll hear that echo). I can’t imagine they wouldn’t include them in BL3. Are you talking about something else?

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That’s something I noticed particularly between the 360 and XB1 versions of BL2 - much more environmental variation in sound (echoes, reverb, …) I really notice it going through Southpaw S&P and Bloodshot Stronghold, but not so much in the outdoor maps. It would be cool if, when going down say a canyon, you got similar audio differences.

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