If you have a decent PC, PLEASE hop on and help these guys out

I’m 125 on PS4 but my Steam profile is only 2 so I figured I’d hop on and see what the new experience is like.

I gotta tell you guys, it’s not pretty.

If you’re like me, you never looked at the booklet that came with games showing you the controls and what not. So these guys arent going to waste time training in the dojo, everyone has a “put me in coach” attitude.

These new guys have no idea how to team chat let alone grasp the concept of warping back to base when you’re about to die. Every match I got into I told everyone that in the beginning so they were grateful but they never freaking did it!
I’d type "Toby hit B to teleport!"
and by the time I check to see what the guys name was BWOMP he was dead

I showed people about shards and that you dont have to attack them in order to pick them up
I showed that you can get thrall, they arent just there to attack you for no reason
I told them everything, from Thumper rockets slow you, to telling them to prioritize the Shepard in a minion wave

Some things come with time but some things (teleporting to base, getting Thrall…) should TOTALLY be explained upfront in the beginning of every match by Nova
New players will listen and hear that

So if you have a decent computer just hop on for a few matches for the hell of it and help these guys out.
I was Montana so I could whack anyone away from a new player when they were in trouble. I just damaged bots and let some players get the kills. If it’s a 5v5 just punish a new Rath for over stepping his bounds but dont kill him. It’s not my main profile so I dont care about my K/D, I’d just like to see this game succeed a bit and keep some new players around.


…Never was sure about the team thing, doesn’t busting shards share more with the team?

Does it?
Either way, I used to do this too until I realized I could just run through it.

If I could get back under CR20 and help out the new players, I’d be logged in doing that right now. They’re about the only hope we have for PC having a future, but I’m stuck up in CR130+ matches with all the die-hard egomaniacs.

I suppose I could make another Steam account, but I worry how the game will behave with a trial and full account accessing the same game data on PC. I’d feel better if I had another retail copy on another Steam account. It’s probably worth another $10 on Amazon just to get access to the newbie pool and help them out… I mean, provided I didn’t get accused of being down there to smurf and stomp, but to help.

I’ve long wished there was some sort of Battleborn Ambassador program, that would help us find new players and teach them anything they wanted to learn about the game. I figure it already does exist… in an alternate, utopian reality, where the game isn’t chock-full of veteran jerkwads. :frowning:

And yeah, I used to shoot Shards too. Lost a lot of Shards that way…

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2 days ago I’ve been playing with a Miko in my team. They wouldn’t heal, so we (me and my two friends) told them they should stay back and try to heal us with RMB because they were the only support in our team. They said “don’t worry I’ve played many many hours I know my Miko.” I looked at their CR, it was 30. I’m like okay maybe Miko is their main. But they still wouldn’t heal so we asked them to heal again. They asked us to shut up and not tell them how to play. I explained that CR 30 people do not have many hours in the game at all and that they can trust us because we, on the other hand, have all played this game for 1400h minimum and that we’re just trying to help. Then they started raging and swearing at us and telling us this game was never gonna get any players if everyone was welcoming newbies like we do. Duh, so much for trying to help newbies…

Finally jumped back in yesterday after being out of town for 2 days and I recognized the same sadly. Some don’t know when to back off, teleport back to base or would literally chase you around the map on low health or fight you on low health. I was able to save a lot of the low levels on my team and heal them with Reyna but on other matches there weren’t anyone to help those guys. Everything is trial and error so I’m sure people coming out from novice queues will understand that as long as they don’t get stomped. We should see more this weekend

This is the time where the loyal vets still remaining need to take a few days off. Seriously. Lose the ego. And if you’re going to play, take it easy on the newbies. Not saying toy with them, but FFS the full CC meta against a team with 3 newbies? Saw a few teams do that on Tuesday when I played. I can’t help but shake my head that winning is that important even it runs the chance of driving this game back into the ground. But hey, if 40 minute queue times and 80 players on-line sounds like a party, so be it.


I haven’t been on since the patch but I assume (from the sounds of it) that solo/duo queue isn’t active.

if so, it seems silly not to have solo/duo queue active… tbh it should just be active from here on out. The fact that there even is a solo queue (sometimes) indicates that gbx does understand that groups of vets wailing on newbies is a problem…

But it is not a problem just on Wednesdays…

Shards picked up from the ground are shared, but I never knew about just running through them either…

I was just wondering this myself. That queue gave some of the most balanced matches out there and gave a few of us the opportunity to play together for a change. And it would pretty much alleviate the pre-made stomping since most teams are going to consist of a few vets and new players. It would all balance out.

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I’ve always busted the big ones, but run through the small ones. If I see a team mate is behind me, I’ll leave every other one for them. Was doing that yesterday, and the player behind kept shooting them as I ran past, so I got the shards anyway…

What is it, team get 20% of your shards by default, and you can boost that with the Quartermastery Bin?

What do I do? I just don’t play at the moment. I just can’t stand the cocky “know-it-all” attitude of new players (in any game) and I don’t want to waste my brain cells for no reason :expressionless:

I was skimming through the steam forums the other day… when I saw what all those new people were talking about… I just



I know about the little ones, I was thinking about the big ones…

Most of the experienced players I know have been solo or duo queuing this week. I have been doing that. I am still not running into new players, but lots of returning level 50-100 players.

lol… like what?

I was smurfing for a lot of the day yesterday (17 matches) since I could play Incursion exclusively instead of playing Capture/Face-Off matches in the 20+ queue wrecking the enemy team so hard that they don’t go out of their base.

I have to say that I was pretty surprised at how skilled the low level players were in this game and how balanced the matches were as I only won 75% of the matches against some good teams. But this might be in part due to some people playing on PS4 and smurfs like myself and OP :D.

Gbx needs to ban all Smurfs, especially the one with the beard, he looks shifty.

But seriously, I find myself longing for a CR-reset Prestige or something, so I could go hang out with the new kids. I would play nice, but if they needed a way to balance it, they should just lock out Gear on Prestiged accounts until CR50-ish.


Yeah it’s not just noobs but there are some veterans who would start raging and swearing if you gave them a friendly suggestion. I guess it’s just how some people are, and since the FPS individual skill side of this game warrants this type of anti-team behavior over standard MOBAs which are more about timing skills with your teams, then I guess you just have to deal with these players or not play with them.

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haha, surely Greybeard would have a 100% win rate in the noob room

Also like Greybeard says, all modes other than Incursion are boring. But playing against people who are below lvl 20 is boring too QQ.