If you have FPS issues use DX 12

I know this is weird, and some will see this as useless, but for me DX 12 is working better than a DX 11
I have an RTX 2070 super and I got lots of FPS issues, sometimes I get 50 FPS on DX 11, I tried DX 12 and now my FPS is better, I’m hitting 90+ FPS, I still get some drops here in there but till now, the worst I got is about 70 fps which is still better than what I used to get in DX 11

This isn’t going to do me much good. GTX 1060 and DX 12 - for whatever reason the game loads just as fast as it does on DX 11 except on 12, the frames are all over the place far worse than DX11 to the point it’s just a sh**show and I have to change it back. Sometimes it will lock up my entire PC and I have to reboot it to revert it to DX11. Any way to get DX12 to actually work or am I SOL?

(I tried asking about this before both on here and in discord and no one has yet to even respond…)

Do you have the lastest Windows 10 update? Maybe this will help? I’m not having any issues with DX12 for now, I’m using Windows 10 1903

Yeah. I could try to use it one more time but I doubt it will change anything. Something tells me that the game loading up really quickly means I did something wrong or left out a configuration step or something. Or maybe my hardware just isn’t built to handle it.

(amd fx-8370, gtx 1060 6 gig, 16 gigs of RAM, windows 10 up to date, latest geforce drivers installed.)

Thanks, but I don’t want to wait on the load every time I crash, hehehe