If you haven't got a Flipper yet?

Minosaur in Bloodsun Canyon seems to drop them every time. Especially for Moze using the Pearl, it’s a terrific gun.


Most OP gun at the moment. Usable by any VH, and best sub machine gun. Though that is not much of accomplishment with the current status of sub machine guns in game.

thank you

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Try to get one.
No flipper -no legendaries - nothing from minotaur.

Returned to the game some days ago.
Was the drop an event or do i need a quest?

Or a stealth nerf like the ion-laser…

There was an event going on that guaranteed dedicated loot sources to drop a piece of dedicated loot

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I farmed Ruiner for my Quartet of Consecutive Hits in All of the Elements Flippers.

Sorry! It was an event. Still, it would be the place to farm now if you want one.

Thanks for your replies!
after my posting i tried it again and got 3 flippers - 1 for my moze, 1 for my fl4k
and 1 bad annointed for my Amara.
Have to farm more :wink:

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