If you love aim botting, this game might just be for you

If you love cheating and using a bot to shoot instead of actually playing the game, get battleborn. Insta gibbing with toby and marquis, you’ll have a blast I swear.

Sounds rad and why I don’t play shooters on pc

So you say out there are no hacks for (MP) shooters on consoles? :joy:

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Isn’t the division on console like the most hacked game ever?

There are crappy people doing crappy things on all platforms most assuredly.

Lets not start a war over it. Gearbox are surely going to look into it regardless.


All shooters have aimbotting and wallhacking. There’s no way to stop it on a PC where you can run whatever software you want. The location of enemies MUST be available to the client in order to display them on the screen and can therefore be manipulated by cheaters. The best any company can currently do is try to detect and ban the cheaters.

Since when Marquis have strong aim assist? I know Oscar Mike does but i don’t get multiple headshots easily with Marquis

not the ingame aim assist, they mean cheating third party stuff

Ahhh I forgot about PC. If that’s the case then that sucks

No its not hacked. Its simply filled with exploits.

Aimbots are actual programs you run that screw with the game.

You don’t have those on consoles

The Division on PC might be the most hacked, the console version is fine, just boring.