If you managed to get a Firewall shield, by all means try it out

This shield is goddam hilarious. The gimmick is, it’s a projector shield, so you get a physical barrier if you crouch down. If the barrier is hit, it can shoot out fire elemental bullets and whilst they don’t do that much damage to enemies, they restore your shield if they hit enemies. If you have the right build and there are no melee enemies around you can basically just sit in a corner and watch the shield play pong with the enemy whilst being near immortal…
This might rival the Transformer and Stop-Gap in terms of being the best defensive shield in the game.


I’ve got one… put it in the bank for another character to use. If you could give it to any Vault Hunter and build around it, who and what skills?

Might go well with Zanes DD capstone

I’m not 100% sure tbh. It’s pretty fun on Zane with Double Barrel, just using it as cover for your clone but you lose out on a lot of damage if you do that because you can’t move as quickly.
Could be interesting for Fl4k because of Turn Tail and Run as you can sit still with this shield and be fairly safe.
Might be an interesting option for Moze and her low health builds, but the shield does occasionally break for a short period of time so I don’t think running a Deathless with it would be a good idea (on the other hand, that might not actually happen with how much she can just boost the capacity).

Where did you find this Firewall shield? Is it a Cartel drop?

It’s a cartel drop. There’s a cartel Miniboss named Franco Firewall who I’m pretty sure is the assigned drop source.

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Here’s mine. I have nine characters, all of whom have different builds. At the moment, I’m leaning towards Zane for his barrier.

Are there ways to buff the projectiles? Are they elemental?

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This is probably the perfect sniper shield. This is the first one I got, It think it go great on Flak with Gamma Burst or Amara with Phasegrasp.

On Flakk I’d use the Healing Gamma burst so anything that comes around the shield will just get healed while also returning 250% damage.

I can’t think of a good way to make use of this on Amara other than having extra damage going out at enemies.

I dunno - I just found a shield (forget the name) that, on break, gives you amp damage on the next shot of the value of the full shield. Zane with an Infiltrator COM is going to use this in a few days or so… should be fantastic, as he can break his shield at will.

Amara can break her shield on command too, no? I need to spend some time with it still.

edit - taking a Firewall for a spin now. That’s no joke!

They are elemental, yes.
Also, interesting to see that you can roll different shield modifiers. I got one “turtle” role, so extra capacity but a small health penalty. That’s kind of nice because it means you can probably get one with bullet absorbtion, too.
Mine actually has an anointment where it restores a little shield capacity when sliding which honestly is a pretty good synergy because when your shield is down you can just slide towards the enemy to kick-start it.

This was my initial reaction to the shield:

“Sniper builds”

Not in your face pseudo-shotgun / pseudo-assault rifle sniper builds. Actual long range headshot sniper builds

On one hand, yes, you wanna operate over longer ranges with that because if you come to close the enemies might charge you in melee.
On the other hand, I dunno how viably sniping is gonna be. The thing is, even though the enemy bullets are hitting a projected barrier, the game still treats it as if you yourself were being hit, meaning that it can throw off your aim. And of course, with the barrier being as large as it is, you will actually be taking a lot of hits. What I’m trying to say is that if you have a bunch of enemies firing at the barrier, it gets really shaky, making accurate shots difficult, so I think it’s still better for more spammy weapons or stuff with a lot of splash damage where you don’t have to be pinpoint accurate.

I found one and am using on an all shield /deathless Moze. Seems great but for some reason while crouching I’m entering ffyl very often. I’m running a low mayhem level tklo get speed runs so nothing is hitting me that hard. I even entered ffyl just from crouching at one point. I don’t know if game is bugged or the shield is. Switched shields and it stopped happening

Don’t forget that when crouched, you have an enhanced shield at the front but reduced (no?) shield at the back. So you’re vulnerable if any one gets around you.

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So you mean any attack from rear completely bypasses shield and instant death if 1 health?

Yes, the shield gets projected and is no longer on your character.

DoTs will also bypass the shield when crouched

I saved quite a few of firewalls from this Badass loot! joey goes down

Interesting. I saved a lot of those shields as I like unusual builds. Given what you said I am leaning toward Fl4k too, they get bonus damage for standing still and being far away so…

Yes. Deathless and any kind of projector is not a good combination.