If you want Amd Fidelity FX added to BL3 do the survey and tell them you want it for the PC version

I was going thru the web and found out about this. Its a great little feature that AMD has added to games and there list is growing for support on this. So if you don’t know what Fidelity fx is go to the Amd website and give it a good read. According to them its a filter of sorts and it increases the image quality and some FPS to the game. In order for it to be added we need to tell AMD we want it added to BL3. I need more votes on this from others besides myself. To me BL3 needs this feature added to the PC version of the game. Its been added to popular games out there so far but not BL3 which is pretty sad. So all PC users out there need to get on the horn if you want to that is and tell them you want it for BL3.

The Survey: Look for the tab on link i provided below. Its on the page and don’t forget to add BL3 on the 3 games you want this feature to be added to.

What is AMD Fidelity FX: https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-super-resolution?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrZmrv8yA9QIV5xPUAR24oADUEAAYASAAEgLt3_D_BwE

If you want this to be added to the PC version then maybe we can make it happen. Also Wonderlands could get the same treatment also. Just a thought. Thankyou.

This is taken from their page about the Fidelity FX developer tools:

I don’t know Maliwan to exist in any other games so this seems to imply that Borderlands Developers may have already used some version of these tools?

Just to confirm I downloaded the Powerpoint Presentation explaining the tool and can confirm that the adaptive resolution tools used in BL3 are these very Fidelity FX tools. It’s in the presentation as an example.

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Ummm, Borderlands 3 has had FidelityFX support since the day it launched.

Closed since it seems that the request is redundant.