If you want any of these just message me no trade needed i also have many AutoAimès that i dont need

Ginormous Bangerang XL w/50% bonus shock for 2 mags on ase.

Potent Nukem w/extra charge of rakk attack.

Shredded Creamer w/extra rakk attack

Sublime Embers Purge w/ase 100% pojectile speed.

Annexed Scathing ION CANNON (corrosive) left

Annexed Scathing ION CANNON (shock)

Annexed Choodessny ION CANNON (shock)

Annexed Guttiwuts ION CANNON (shock)

Annexed Scathing ION CANNON 3 left

Annexed Vareet ION CANNON

Annexed Scathing ION CANNON (radiation)

Annexed Scathing ION CANNON (cryo)

(On Gamma Burst 65% more damage item’s)

Hostile Bitch

Compressing Thunderball Fists

Resolute Lyuda

Dueling Wagon Wheel

Negating Scathing ION CANNON (cryo)

Guttiwuts ION CANNON

(30% life steal after using attack command)

Stark ION LASER (cryo/incendiary)

Pestilent Glorious ION CANNON (corrosive)

Annexed Zammechat ION CANNON

Annexed Scathing ION CANNON

Guttiwuts ION CANNON

(25% crit dam after using rakk attack)

Relentless Boomer

Handsome Jackhammer (cryo)

Binary Compressing Cutsman (shock) 2 left

Burning Potent Alchemist

Rowans Call (shock) 2 left

( ase 25% crit dam )

Cash Infused Brainstormer

Searing Feral Boomer (incendiary)

(While enemies are below 25% health, gain 50% percent increaded wepon damage)

Trick Unforgiven

Mocking Devoted (corrosive/cryo)

Lucians call (corrosive)

Deep Dive Face-puncher

Defrauding Crossroad (corrosive)


Can I pls have Expansive Scathing ION CANNON w/ ase 2 mags 50% bonus incendiary damage.

PSN: Mattgamer87

Could I please have the Engulfing Choodessny ION CANNON w/ase 20% bonus rad damage
If you still have it?

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I still got it, if you want it

I’ll take that daisy lucky 7 if it’s still available

PSN Rchris92

I would like the corrosive Ion cannon, please psn- superdrude

Sorry i dont have the lucky 7 anymore

I just sent it

You still have the foursome or wagon wheel

Which one would you like

I think devil foursome could be fun

Ill send it your way

Sweet thanks

Is Your psn the same as your gearbox username

No psn: FallenDark200 I really appreciate it

PSN XSESSIVE13 thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you still have the corrosive Ion Cannon? If so, my PSN Yuuzh
Thank you

I dont have anymore but ill send one your way next time i get one

Okay, thanks

I have another corrosive ION CANNON just send me a request because it wont let me send you one psn Limit_SainT