If you want bosses to live longer than 3 seconds Elemental projector needs to be removed

Sooo on the list of the things that really make me wonder if anyone playtested this game… this is a pretty big one. Especially when compared to all the other relics.

If you want your bosses in the future to survive longer than 5 seconds max this thing needs a huge overhaul.

Even the worst versions of it is completely broken in scenarios with predictable elemental weaknesses/large healthpools around 1 weakness - i.e. especially bosses and red health areas.
Nothing quite keeps up with the shredding power of +90% elemental damage * elemental weakness modifier *crit modifier.

It absolutely annihilates bosses. I really just dont even… shrugs.

You can have this thing and some random purple and it will kill every boss in the game in a few seconds on highest possible difficulty.


Hey buddy how bout you dont use it then bub


I dont, its just a headsup for the devs.

Why heads up it? If people use it and are having fun why ruin it for them?


I would be more inclined to agree with you on this argument, if we had raid bosses, and if those raid bosses were melted because of this relic. However, the story mode bosses in borderlands have always been fairly easy to kill and are not meant to truly challenge players as much as raid bosses are. Every main story boss in BL2 was easy to kill because their purpose was to help progress the story and make you feel like a badass in the process.

If raid bosses are released and die extremely fast because of the relic, then I will change my opinion on the matter. But asking for their removal before the true endgame content is available to us, is not a good call in my opinion, because it will upset more people than it will make happy and will make farming story bosses take slightly longer.


its not just ele projector that melts bosses there many diff ways that just work as good maybe a sec or 2 slower at best.

No - nothing quite keeps up with the shredding power of +90% elemental damage * elemental weakness *crit modifier.

Its absolutely insane. Nothing else compares.

Yes bosses are easy even without this relic. But this relic alone is going to trivialize every encounter they could ever put into the game.

Meh, they’re not going to remove it in the near future. They just addressed/slightly nerfed Elemental Projector, so they took a look at it and decided it was still worth keeping in.

Besides, the devs are working on adjusting gear to make more builds viable for endgame. Melee-centric Amaras doesn’t have a lot of great gear aside from Face Puncher (which EP actually synergies extremely well with) and a few select shields. Brawler is a distant third to Mystical Assault and Fist of the Elements builds for the hardest difficulty settings, so I doubt EP is going anywhere.

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They did? what patch was it?

The one that came out yesterday.


It was reported that the Legendary artifact, Elemental Projector, had a bug resulting in the max value being displayed at 183% instead of the actual max value of 113%. Therefore, we addressed the discrepancy and reduced the max value to 90%.

  • Elemental Projector damage max roll reduced to 90%

ahh sweet - i missed that - good start :slight_smile:

Still - if you have played M3 and felt the difference between having and not having the +70% elemental modifier you get an approximate idea of how nuts that thing still is.

elemental projector is the new bone of the ancient. at 90% it is still a huge buff.


“If you want bosses to live longer than 3 seconds don’t use Elemental projector”

i used that relic for a bit, i didn’t like it so i moved on. unless they start balance bosses around this item and items like this in the future, i don’t really see a problem with it. if people want to use it, do eeeeeet or don’t.

totally did not edit out anything about moze and graveward

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Why would you give moze another target? Shes been nuked like twice already

if you want bosses to live longer give them better mechanics and phases

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IMO Elemental Projector is pretty damn strong, especially compared to all these lame ass slam and what not alternatives.

That said it’s additive damage % and it has a requirement tied to it limiting it somewhat. I’d say, we need to wait and see a bit. IMO, if it would be 60%, it would still be pretty strong as well.

Crap, you’re right :zipper_mouth_face:

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Elemental projector is great in theory, but then if you consider the fact that people can apply a status effect to themselves (especially with a low level gun) and not be in danger, it becomes a bit cheesy.
I still used it though, but at least my own DoT can (and fairly often does) legitimately kill me when im playing my Amara.
If they nerf it now, people are going to flip out. Theres a nerf hate frenzy going on atm. If they decide to nerf EP at some point, they need to wait for people to calm down haha

People wont calm down borderlands is an arcade shooter type. We mostly want a good hard fight with the fun to use builds. If people use a super cheesy build and they are enjoying them selfs let them be. Why is that so hard to get? Stop nerfing things. If something is a exploit fix it besides that dont break something because it works well. Who goes man my car is running great too great let me put sugar in my gas tank.


It’s people like you crying nerfs why so many are running from this game. They can easily negate that issue by giving bosses higher elemental resistance. You can also play the how the F you want and quit crying about how other ppl enjoy playing it. Imagine going to a playground and just stopping on all the little kids toys because you think it’s unfair that they’re having fun.