If you want op8 play, some leveling or dp runs I am usually around,

Pacific standard time 6pm ish.

There is a limit to raw power leveling I am willing to do but dp runs are fine.

Prefer people with mic though. It helps with the leveling or dp runs when your gear is under leveled.

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Hey i wouldn’t mind getting some help on borderlands

I would love some help. I played borderlands 2, back in the day, and had very good builds and weapons in high level chars. But I was on Xbox 360 (the only game I had on that platform). Now I bought thc on PS4 and would like to get back on shape asap, so a I could farm raid bosses and do more. Add me please. PSN (PS4): jucapolito

Folks please send me the req. There are more of you tham me. : )

my psn is teacup775. (my bad for forgetting)