If you want Tiny Tina as a playable character in BL3

…then you’ll want to sign this, enough sigs and it may get discussed in the House of Commons and the Senate lol.

Oops posted on wrong forum, mods please move it to general discussions, cheers

Hm. As much as I’d love to have the privilege of playing as our favorite expert demolitionist psychotic 13 year old, I don’t think that’d be good for the game’s rating as it’d end up having “Child Death” as one of game’s warnings. Then again, this is Gearbox, so they might find a way around it, such as making her older to where she’s no longer a child, but a young adult with all her quirkyness still intact. But overall, yes, I’d definitely want her to be a playable character in BL3!

You know that you can create polls here, right?

I really don’t want her as a playable character. Not that I’m saying she is a bad a character. She is a fantastic character but it doesn’t make any sense for her to be a playable character.

I’ll sign just for it not to be Pickle!

But yes I’d dig playing as Tina as long as they don’t make her scream like Gaige.

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I’d sign my own execution order for it not to be Pickle…the horror!

Ok, new poll…who’s your least favourite Moderator?

Just kidding lol.

Yeah I know but thought this was pretty funny that someone has took the
time to create an on-line petition when it’s usually used for serious stuff
like climate change etc, also it’s been going for a year and only has 21

Way ahead of you…

Check the forum rules before posting in response to this, or I’m happy to take pms.

Hey man, can you please point out which rule(s) I’m breaking? Don’t want you
going all 1984 on my ass!

Exactly. I’m just wary of people discussing the reason for that petition, which was lots of people breaking the forum rules by discussing a forbidden topic.

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Cool, pleased we got that sorted. Heaven forbid I would discuss a forbidden topic after it had
been forbade!

I see that @dogstar13 as influenced you in some way?! Gaige is at her most enjoyable while screaming even more so when she screams and as death trap out annoying @dogstar13 so much it’s too funny

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Talk about the game, not other forum users, please.

I’ve spent countless hours gaming with @rockshox00 & @Kitty_Hellfire,as far as
I’m concerned they can talk about me all they want. It’s clearly just a bit of banter
and I’m in no way offended by any of it.

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Wow seriously? So we cannot in jest have fun with our friends! If that be the case please ban me or remove my account from your forums. Either way I really don’t care.

Hey, if I make a mistake, just pm me!

Only if Ashly does the voice acting and I am not sure the Burch’s are still with GB, Matter of fact I think they are not.

Also for the record I have a crush on her…

Ooh good I’ve been saving up some good ones

No Tiny Tina playable. Period! :>