If you watch one video discussing Zane

…make it this one. I thought it would be a long rant about the Seein’ Dead class mod but it turned out to be an in-depth discussion of Zane’s trees and augments and the improvements he needs. So much helpful stuff in one place. Devs, p-p-please take note.

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it has already been said and suggested 2000 years ago devs won’t care

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@flightx3aa is the man for all your zane needs.



(Still disagree on Zane not utilizing grenade regen, my new toy is a mitosis singularity :smiley: , ditched all rounder for damage buff and deterrence, my new combo)

i do disagree as well but why bother :d people want every skill to be useful for their game style but devs are trying to keep it diverse. yes we almost all use two AS but that does not mean a lot of people sitting on the couches sitting with their wives don run grenade fun on no mayhem and totally havin a blast. with scaling changes nades might be able to be killer without any exploits on m10 too, like ffs nade should be stronger than guns you only have 10. if u go into op10 and take a green vladof nade it will still kill enemies if slagged on bl2. also some skill that are called anti synergy… they just do their own thing assuming you are not playing some “best” “most optimized” build.

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To further clarify once again. I never said his grenade regen was bad. I just said there’s no synergy or support for it. Rezur commented some very cool changes that keep grenade regen and just add a few more skills that actually support it. I’d be very happy to see Rezur’s changes. I never said my solutions were perfect, just calling out something obvious.

You can call this just having fun without the most optimized build, but there’s a reason why it’s uncommon and only for M0.

I also added a not in the original thread that people like the grenade theme, and with some extra support it could end up being very nice.


It fits M10 just fine if you spec for it though. You can still have nades do half a mil+ damage (which can clear a group of weakend mobs) or keep enemies from firing and grounded constantly.

All I am doing is making a counter point because it is still a viable skill in M10, for me

(why you said M0 I have no idea)

It’s also ‘viable’ for me to use a crossroads in m10 but a bad choice when I can pick up a dozen better weapons.


I think every skill being useful would be a really good thing, not necessarily all fantastic, but at least all useful. It forces us to make choices in our builds and encourages build diversity.

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It keeps up with the meta easily and you don’t even need to carry your barrier with the build.

I like a lot of your posts but it is almost like you feel this doesn’t work? Maybe I am misinterpreting your communication?


Gear Front Loader w/50-150 anoints and consec hits
ASE/OGT as long as you have quasar/singularity you should be good.

Executor or Seein Dead dont matter,…

AS Barrier, deterrence w/ rounder or dmg boost (pending close or open quarters)

Don’t carry barrier, use it as a net or wall, and constantly ground enemies w/ nades.

Try it sometime Thicc, might change your mind?

You misunderstand my point. I love grenades, I love pocket full of grenades, I love spamming grenades. Yes, I can make it work in m10. But that does not mean that it is a good skill that has synergy with his other skills. Zane is literally encouraged to use 2 action skills from the start, yet we have grenade regeneration. Once again, I’d love to see rezur’s changes implemented. It would add more synergy to grenade spamming which would be awesome imo. I’m not sitting here trying to call your build bad, I’m just pointing out some things I would like to see addressed.

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For example Double Barrel is in a very bad spot in general, imo. The clone has dodgy AI, and works with very few weapons. The clone also probably needs buffed to be able to do more damage.

That doesn’t mean I can’t make a double barrel build right now and get it to work. But if we have a problem/issue then we need to address it in the community sections.


I do not like the grenade on clone because it WILL break up his DPS. On the bright side, we have the only “pet” that “can” do real damage in M10 :rofl:


lolol that’s true, and yah anytime I’m testing weapons for double barrel I don’t take the grenade skill. He chucks a LOT of grenades with a seein dead on though. some more grenade support in zane’s trees could actually end up being kind of crazy.

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I agree with most of that, but the notion that the shield should never be better on the ground than when it’s picked up I don’t agree with. Picking up the shield is such an overwhelming meta that people completely forget that people who are going for a more Roland / Axton type character like the idea of entrenching themselves somewhere instead of running all over the place.

One of the big reasons Zane is so hinky is because they packed so many ideas from previous games into him but he’s not anywhere near as good at any of them as the characters from previous games were. Like, they grabbed Saber Turret, Scorpio Turret, Expendable Assets, Decepti0n, Wolf and Saint, and Deathtrap, put them all in a blender, strained out all the good bits, and then frankensteined together three new abilities that are pale imitations of their lineage.

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Come to think of it. If they separate the action skills, we can have 10 vault hunters (moze only got the iron bear). That will be awesome.

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Yea I mean let’s be honest here, there have been 20 playable characters in the Borderlands franchise so far, 4 of them are in Borderlands 3, so there is only a 20% chance that your favorite character is in this game.

Now some of the characters in BL3 are clear evolutions of previous characters, like Maya -> Amara, Salvador -> Moze, Mordecai -> FL4K, and those characters have similar mechanics and expand upon them. Unfortunately when it comes to the soldier archetype they took away the aesthetic to give it to Moze, and turned the turret into a Digi-clone that isn’t anywhere near as capable as either the Scorpio or the Saber, so my favorite kind of character to play in Borderlands didn’t get an upgrade, but a massive downgrade.

This is the way I run with barrier, normally it is all rounder and couple the enemies in. I wanted to see how retaliation stacks in m10 so very short vid since I was getting ready for work this AM. Maybe they should buff dmg to 30-50% instead of measly 10%?

Bruh, Pocketful is so that you can have the Boom Enhance Clone without running out of grenades in a long mob fight