If you were allowed to make a legendary gun for BL3

Reposting a thread I made on reddit a month ago to here:

  • What would your gun be named?

  • Which manufacturer would make it?

  • What would it’s special effect be?

  • What would it’s red text be?

  • (optional) What are the stats, would it’s damage be comparable to other legendaries or no?

  • And it doesn’t necessarily have to be gun, it can be a shield, relic, etc.

Also this thread isn’t too serious so your weapon doesn’t even have to be that special or even make sense lol

Example: My weapon would be named “The Eglantine Rose”. The red text for this weapon would be “I wound to heal”. It’s a Hyperion sniper rifle that has two firing modes, and it only comes in shock/fire. The first firing mode is fire and restores a small percentage of your health upon killing an enemy (if you score a critical hit kill it restores your entire health bar). The second mode is almost the same to the first but it’s shock and it restores your shield instead. The Eglantine Rose does damage that is on par with a purple rarity Hyperion sniper rifle, it’s damage is noticeably improved upon scoring critical hits though.


Legendary Atlas shotgun with tracker darts. Call it Knoxx’s Legacy. It would be insane because it would be like an atlas version of the Jakobs striker. The gun should talk in Knoxx’s voice and be gold. Red text should be… After this mission I’m done.


Since you asked:

  1. Recreate the Maliwan Pestilent Defiler from the original Borderlands! :smiling_imp:

  2. Adapt the Conversion Beam Projector from Warhammer 40,000 into a Launcher Weapon made by Maliwan, which would be the most destructively powerful weapon in the game, capable of killing bosses with ONE SHOT! :smiling_imp: Just, uh… don’t get caught in the explosion’s blast radius yourself! :wink:

I can sort out the red text later, just have to ponder it for a bit.


I’d make a legendary grenade mod called The Warren.
Manufacturer: Atlas
Red Text: But we are good at multiplying
Effect: Always homing. On explosion, spawns 5 mirv child grenades. On explosion, each child grenade spawns 5 more mini-mirv child grenades. Each mini-mirv child grenade bounces and detonates 3 times.
The grenades would all have little bunny ears and would do quite low damage each, but due to the number of them and the fact that they home in, the total damage would be very high, over time.


Name: Penetrating Amazing Macho Rockhard Rifle

Type: Sniper Rifle

Manufacturer: Torgue

Special Effect: It’s has a 50% chance to bypass an enemies shield, or a 50% chance to heal. It does a lot of damage, and has great accuracy. It only comes in explosive, fire, or radiation.

Red text: I’m not sure, if anyone has any idea what it should be tell me!

(Also I know Torgue doesn’t make sniper rifles anymore, but this is one of those exception guns. Whoever made it would end up getting fired by Torgue xD. Also the gun itself is kind of a reference to Anti-Material Rifle from FNV)

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Also, I’d make a pistol called The Wart or The Boil, and it’d be based on the Carbuncle pistols.
Manufacturer: Torgue
Red Text: Thou art a boil, a plague sore
Effect: Fires 8 or 10 projectiles per shot (depending on variant), each doing the same damage as a normal Torgue pistol shot (at same level), at the cost of 4 or 5 ammo (half the number of projectiles). Each projectile does a different elemental damage (normal, fire, corrosive, electric, radiation and cryo), with the extra applying random/normal damage. Magazine size is set to 8, so you can only fire 2 shots before reloading, and all shots are sticky, causing a large explosion after a second’s delay. Stacking both shots on one target adds 5% damage.
The gun would have a diseased look to it, ideally.


Red text: I DO want to set the world on fire.
Lol. =]


Nice : D

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Had an idea while playing BL2 with a buddy last night.
Ok. Bascially, it’s a PRAZMA CANNON but the falling orbs are small-radius singularity explosions. Low shots per reload, long reload time. Make it a crowd control cannon.


I’d also love the bring the Skullmasher back, especially given how poor most of the snipers rifles in B3 seem to be (IMHO).
Manufacturer: Jacobs
Red Text: STILL makes their brains hurt
Effect: Fires 6 projectiles at the cost of 1 ammo. Reduced damage, but total damage for all projectiles is higher than other Jacobs snipers. Always does +25% critical damage (as well as any other bonuses) and on critical, ricochets 6 projectiles at nearest enemy (all six at same enemy).


I’d love to see another “Spaceballs” reference for a gun. (I :heart: The Black Hole)

Maybe a “Pizza the Hutt” gun?
Manufacturer: Tediore
Shoots “pepperoni” that does a small chance of fire damage. Reloading shoots out a “cheese” singularity grenade that pulls in nearest enemies and renders them immobile for a very brief period of time.

Red text: Pizza’s gonna send out for you!



Love this. I’ve been dreaming about getting an Atlas shotgun too. Just make sure it’s tracking darts and nothing else. Maybe a tracking grenade…

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Yeah I would only want darts…

Would be OK if it can spawn with any of the three, but the darts are the best. I like the fact that the puck can jump to new targets, but it’s just too slow.

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I don’t want those because knoxx had one eye. Like he shot his own eye out with the darts…

Make Maliwan Sniper Great Again ^^
I want my Pimpernelle as much as Derchlands wants his Bekah


I’m still hoping Torgue or Tediore will make a Yeet cannon.

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COV could make a gun that’s half psycho half gun, it’s own best friend.
It better talk.


Oh heck yes!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Name: 1S-1K/One shot, One Kill
Type: Sniper Rifle
Manufacturer: ATLAS
Red Text: " They say you don’t feel it when a One-Shot hits you. "
Special Effect: Has two firing modes. First firing mode has an increased firing rate and reload speed, second firing has a fixed magazine of 1 and mode fires a tracker dart that always targets the enemies head.