If you were to fill in the missing weapon types, what would they be like?

Stuff like Jakobs Rocket Launchers, Maliwan Assault Rifles, how would you imagine these could work or look like? Maybe in BL3 we could have a full spread of weaponry, that’d be fun.

My ideas:

Dahl Shotgun - fires in bursts dependent on number of barrels (so a Tediore would always be single shot, and Torgue would be four-shot); Dahl barrel is a vertical double barrel with reduced recoil and damage compared to Jakobs, design similar to a Remington R12-E

Maliwan Shotgun - increased accuracy, reduced pellet count and shallow mag, maybe with some splash damage; Maliwan barrel is a triple barrel, triangle-shaped with smooth edges, overall slightly akin to a Pancor Jackhammer

Vladof Shotgun - single-shot with high fire rate dependent on the number of barrels, horrible accuracy; Vladof barrel is a Gatling-style quad barrel - maybe rapid-fire single shot rather than a powerful 4-ammo shot for other manufacturers as well?

Jakobs Sub-Machine Gun - a tiny, portable Gatling Gun. Can’t be aimed down sights, instead RMB reduces spread and slows you down. High damage, long reload and bad accuracy when firing for extended periods of time.

Torgue Sub-Machine Gun - visually, a portable Katyusha. If you do not know what that is, educate yourself. Rather slow fire rate for an SMG, but slightly higher projectile velocity and damage - and maybe around 50% splash

Vladof Sub-Machine Gun - a PPSh-41 on drugs. Stupid high fire rate, but low damage and high spread.

Hyperion Assault Rifle - not much to say about looks, just apply the Hyperion aesthetic to AR of choice. Gains max accuracy quicker, but has a slower fire rate.

Maliwan Assault Rifle - a sleeker, more futuristic version of a FAMAS, maybe with an ammo display a la Halo becasuse Rule of Cool. A compromise between Maliwan Pistols and SMGs, maybe with a slightly deeper mag.

Tediore Assault Rifle - I’m gonna be lazy and put the official concept art here. Typical Tediore stats (by which I mean ‘meh’, but with quick reloads). Reload launches the barrel, which explodes on contact with anything, and a new one digistructs from the grip/body. For extra fanciness, make it longbow (maybe a legendary?).

Bandit Sniper Rifle - a bridge between Jakobs ARs and normal Sniper Rifles - a powerful, high-caliber makeshift battle rifle with high recoil and spread, but no scope, just iron sights, and somewhat reduced critical hit bonus. Think an entire weapon type made of Elephant Guns.

Tediore Sniper Rifle - Think Assault Rifle in looks, but loooong. Again, ‘meh’ stats, but also decent mag. Reload throws the rifle like a javelin, which can crit and flies much faster, but has no splash damage. A javelin headshot could down a Badass, but eats through ammo like no tomorrow.

Torgue Sniper Rifle - a more streamlined RPG. Takes 2 or 3 ammo per shot, increased damage and extra splash radius on a headshot.

Dahl Rocket Launcher - a souped-up Javelin expy. When scoped in, locks onto a target under the crosshairs and launches a semi-homing missile, can home into a a few targets at once and fire at all of them in a quick burst (3? 4?).

Jakobs Rocket Launcher - a portable cannon. Think Serious Sam stuff, but smaller. Cannonball knocks enemies around a bit and can ragdoll weaker ones, explodes after short delay, fires in a parabolic trajectory.

Hyperion Rocket Launcher - a smaller Auto-Cannon, like the ones in-game. Accuracy, projectile velocity and damage increases while scoped in, but is much lower when hip-firing.



Plague (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



These stuff have the localization files but never made it to the game

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Jakobs Rocket Launcher

I think it was in the BL1 code, the Crapshooter or something like that



Now this guy has the right attitude. Honestly, if it were up to me, all weapons would use the BL1 item generation, but I’m afraid it’s not coming back… definitely wish it did, though. It made it possible to play comfortably without farming, and I hate doing that. This thread is more along the lines of ‘what-if’ in terms of the possible gimmicks.


I don’t think all manufacturers should make all weapon types. There’s just no way to, say, make Jakobs lasers, SMGs or RLs work - and no amount of “they should fire cannonballs” is going to change that.

So, here’s what I would do;

Bandit - Sniper Rifles, Lasers (I’m assuming lasers will be included in every BL game from now on)
Tediore - Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles
Dahl - RLs, Shotguns
Vladof - Lasers, Shotguns
Maliwan - Shotguns
Hyperion - RLs

Bandits are scavangers of everything. They should make every weapon.

  • Bandit snipers come with extremely high mag sizes, surpassing even Vladof. They also have good damage and decent fire rate, but their drawback is having long reload times, subpar recoil and a slightly decreased crit bonus. They would look like Barrett M82s on steroids, with large bullpup mags made of scrap leather or cloth.

  • Bandit lasers themselves are powerful yet unstable. Because of their makeshift design their fire rate follows a sine wave motion while firing, meaning it slowly increases, slowly goes back down, then slowly decreases, slowly goes back up, then slowly increases, etc. And of course, their mag sizes are absolutely monstrous, rivalling the Bright Spadroon.

  • The Bandit barrel changes the laser it’s equipped on to work sort of like a flamethrower, dealing damage in a short range cone. A fire one is a traditional flamethrower, a shock one shoots out a surge lightning that auto-targets enemies, a corrosive one sprays acidic liquid and a cryo one sprays pressurized, cryogenic gas.

Tediore is the everyman’s gun manufacturer, so they should cater to everyone.

  • Tediore ARs lack fire rate, but have high damage and accuracy. When reloaded, the thrown gun explodes immediately upon hitting a surface. It also has a much bigger blast radius. They look basically like the concept art.

  • Tediore sniper rifles also have low fire rate with high damage and accuracy, but they also lack magazine size, going as low as 3 to 4. They make up for this with their reload always having maximum damage - the ammo count only affects the velocity of the reload. Sniper rifles are thrown like javelins and are quite accurate on the throw. They also have the highest reload damage, except for rocket launchers.

Dahl, the most militaristic manufacturer, is strangely missing shotguns and rocket launchers in their arsenal.

  • Dahl RLs and shotguns really need no explanation. For visuals, the shotguns are pump-action. While burst-firing, they’re pumped after the burst rather than everytime a shot is fired. The RLs sort of resemble FIM-92 Stingers but bulkier.

Vladof needs their high rate of fire shotguns. And gatling lasers. SMGs are redundant for them, though, as their pistols do the same thing.

  • Vladof shotguns have, obviously, the highest fire rate amongst shotguns. Their spread is tighter than most, their mags are large and their damage is decent, but all Vladof shotguns have a -1 pellet penalty and rather low accuracy.

  • The Vladof shotgun barrel has three barrels clustered closely together and gives a massive boost to fire rate and mag size, at the cost of -1 pellet. Vladof shotguns do not suffer this penalty. Vladof shotgun barrels cannot spawn on Jakobs shotguns.

  • Vladof lasers have the highest fire rate of all and “spool up” as the trigger is held. As they spool up their fire rate increases even more, up to a maximum of double the fire rate depending on the laser’s rarity. At maximum spool-ness they also deal additional fire damage. Maliwan and Bandit-barreled Vladof lasers instead get bonus damage and reduced ammo consumption while spooling up. In terms of mag size, they’re second only to Bandit lasers.

  • The Vladof laser barrel has 4 barrels and grants a massive boost to mag size and - obviously - fire rate. It also makes the laser fire small energy shots that move slowly and have slight splash damage, sort of like Plasma Casters. Like Vladof AR barrels the Vladof laser barrel must spin up to obtain maximum fire rate.
    A Vladof-barreled Vladof laser is truly a death machine.

Maliwan shotguns just sound right - a concentrated blast of fire in your face. Assault rifles are not elegant enough for Maliwan.

  • Maliwan shotguns have great damage, fast reloads and tight pellet spread, but they also have high recoil and low mag size. Their pellets have a significant amount of splash damage with large area of effect, and their elemental effect chance is second only to Maliwan sniper rifles. They’re great for bombarding an area with high amounts of elemental damage.

Hyperion rocket launchers would fill a niche unexplored by most RLs - rocket snipers.

  • Hyperion RLs are like portable railguns (not the laser ones) - they have excellent damage exceeding even that of Torgue, near perfect accuracy, average reload and very high velocity. Like Hyperion snipers, aiming down sights with them will also trigger the reverse recoil. However, their splash damage and mag size are tiny, and their fire rate is low even by rocket launcher standards. Hyperion RLs look kind of like RPG-7s, except more futuristic. And with more angles. Lots of angles.

Torgue is all about bulky and manly weapons, so they would not do snipers or SMGs. And lasers cannot explode.

Jakobs cannonballs are just dumb. No.


Jakobs rocket launchers would have the same reloading mechanism as modern day artillery with some minor changes. They would have the same blow-back system to absorb recoil but would expend the used cartridge before chambering a new round from the box magazine that rests behind the user’s shoulder and emerges from the bottom of the weapon. Reloading would require the user to pivot the entire weapon forward, smack the magazine release, shove a new magazine home, and slam on the bottom of the magazine to click it into place before resting it back on their shoulder. The rockets would have the smallest blast radius out of all manufacturers but would have the highest damage output, fastest projectile speed, and are always explosive.

Jakobs SMGs wouldn’t be SMGs at all, they would be waist fired, hand cranked weapons that would always spawn with six rotating barrels. Instead of aiming down the sights the button would be used to wind the weapon up so the user could have maximum fire rate without having to wait for the weapon to be cycled up every time the user wants to fire. Downside would be the user cannot sprint while ‘prepping’ the weapon.

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Come ooooon, don’t be a killjoy with the cannonballs :stuck_out_tongue:
Those are some really good ideas, though, kudos.

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