If your going to add Platinum for skins, at least let us convert credits into platinum

Right now the game will let us buy platinum for skins, and this is a decision that has quite a few people unhappy. If this were a F2P game I would expect this kind of thing, but since I payed 60+ for this and the season pass I’m a bit peaved myself.

After I supported your game, I would at least expect you to allow me to get all of the extra digital content(skins included). I understand the game needs to have extended support and thus extended revenue. So let’s find some happy middle ground.

Give us an option to buy Platinum using in-game credits, you’ve already semi-established a running conversion with the extra bank slots and stuff. So let us buy 1 Plat for 60 in-game credits(the conversion rate you set when you priced bank slots)…

Plus, when I get tired of trying to farm credits, I might break down and buy Platinum. But, as it stands, I will NEVER buy Platinum if that’s the only way to get these skins/taunts.



Give this woman/man/alien-in-disguise a cookie, please!

Yeah, this could be awesome. They will have money from whom money is less important than time and, viceversa, those with plenty of time can get what they don’t have/want to pay with real money.

I support this :+1:

Also, when free to play games like Blade and Soul, Neverwinter Online and so on have this method, a triple A paid game sure could do it also.