If you're using a Mic

Why use it for harsh behavior?

Just played my first MP match, total disgrace.

People shouting vulgar comments.

No wonder people are dropping from matches.

I’m guessing there’s a way to mute them but still, why be abusive in a game?

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Anonymity + platform to speak = jerkwad

Sad fact that online this will exist. I will say I have had mostly pleasent (or silent) matches, but there will always be that guy.

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This is actually a huge reason why I refuse to step foot into any game’s pvp. But even in epis you’ll find obnoxious mic-users that just curse at everyone else because of whatever reasons (most being their own mistakes but they need to blame you, etc). I’m sure if there was a report feature, people would start minding what they say more often.

In the meantime, I just mute everyone before it has a chance to happen; Sorry to those of you friendly players with a mic, but the rest of these guys ruined it for me.

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I’d say that this isn’t something that happens frequently but it does happen on occasions - I’ve heard this a couple of times in this game and in other games too.

I had the opposite experience last night. I had several games with my fiancée and we used in-game comms rather than party chat. We had some games with other random people on comms and it was a pleasant experience with the team communicating with each other and passing on thanks for support etc.

You can mute individual players from the player overview/score screen in-game. On the PS4 press the touchpad to bring this up, then use the right stick to highlight the player, press X and then choose to mute. I’m sure it’s similar on XBox and PC.

Out of interest, were the comments directed at anything specific (e.g. player score, how the team was playing, something else)?

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There have been quite a few threads like this, i myself have voices muted. Theres an option for it in the audio, it sucks that everyone gets tared with the same brush but it saves being bad mouthed

Not to sound obvious, but welcome to online chat with console games. Especially a shooter. I’m not saying there aren’t good people out there who love to communicate, coordinate, and are helpful, but generally if someone has their mic on, they are, at best, obnoxious background noise oblivious to the fact you can literally hear every breath they take. At worst, they are god’s gift to gaming that wants to tell you how awful you are rather than something constructive.

Like others have said, you can mute people if it’s a problem, but I also look for people to group with on communities. I’ve met some cool people to play/chat with there.

…Rant, random at the top of this persons nerves, sounding like their brains were going to explode soon.

This happens in every game. I haven’t run into it much myself yet in Battleborn thankfully. Sucks that your first match was like that but I’d say give it another chance. I’ve met some pretty cool people with comms through Battleborn and have been having a blast playing the game with them.

I haven’t run into this much. Not to the level that it was obnoxious or distracting.

If it were to happen to me, is it considered poor form to type out a team chat, “I am boycotting this partnership with someone who insists on being unecessarily vulgar and obnoxious and can’t control his temper or moronic speech. It prevents the team from functioning and frankly isn’t fun.”.

I would think if more people applied this, in a judicious manner, not because they don’t like hearing fk, st, we could help remind people out there that PvP isn’t a place to abuse public pursuit of teamwork and comraderie.

LOVE it. I’m totally gonna use this now. Especially when I play CS:GO. All I have to do is start the damn game and I’ve already got high blood pressure from all the salt XD thank goodness BB isn’t that bad…

I’m relatively new to PvP. Never played any Battlefront or Call of Duty type games. But I figure a smaller, more tightly knit and communaly bonded fanbase of Borderlands and now Battlefront can develop this habit and awareness to try and raise the quality of PvP. It would eventually attract and solidify a better PvP atmosphere.


This was explained by Penny Arcade comic back in 2004.