IGH calls for PS4 competition (weekly tourneys)

Sup nerds. I’m out of town this weekend so no one play til I get back. Double XP weekend is for casuals.

Anywho, as I’m sure many of you are aware, matchmaking is still pretty crap. And as often as I get pm’s about how trash I am and can’t solo que because if I counted on my own talents I’d be ■■■■■■, I enjoy playing with people I’ve grown to not hate as much as a I once did. Problem is, real competition is one in 20, 25 matches.

So now that we’re talking about tournaments, I’m into it, but getting upwards of 2 teams online at the same time is awful. But IGH has a proposition guys.

Here’s the format, and since this is a trial run, it’ll probably change. Like a lot.

-8 teams

-Round Robin

-Top 4 teams advance to a bracket, single elimination

-Best of 3

-Captain’s Draft (Until you can trade champion picks, this is the only way)

-All players must be 105+ because I’m an elitist ■■■■

-Each team is allowed 3 alternate players

-Each team will be required to play 2 match ups (2 rounds of best of 3 a week) Failing to do so will net a loss to the least available team

-Matches will take place between 4 P.M. and 2 A.M Eastern time because 'Murica

-No player can be on multiple teams

-Each match will include one spectator, appointed by me or I will spectator

-■■■■ talking is encouraged, but be friendly about it. If you go overboard with it you will be warned and then exiled from the inner circle.

I’m also going to be looking for dedicated streamers as the 12th man. Someone who can commentate and will lovingly bash people when they get murdered. We have a real chance at something special here and including everyone by broadcasting will go a long way.

So, let’s see if we can get this going. Don’t post LFG ■■■■ in here. Take the weekend, talk to your people and contact me when you have a team. In the meantime, keep upvoting this and showing interest and telling me how great I am.