IGN Developer Interview Features New PS5 Gameplay and Customization Detailed

Godfall: Valorplates Gameplay and Customization Detailed

In the company of valorplates.

Developer Counterplay Games showcased Godfall, the PC and PS5-console exclusive looter-slasher, is set for a holiday release, during Gamescom 2020, with an in-depth look at the third-person action gameplay and some of the customization players can expect with its launch.Speaking to IGN during Gamescom (in an interview you can watch below), Director Keith Lee spoke at length about some of the player choice inherent in the studio’s Valorplate system.

Inspired by medieval armor sets, Godfall’s Valorplates serve essentially as character classes, and in the interview above you can take a look at Silvermane, the base Valorplate everyone starts with, as well as Mesa, Typhon, and Vertigo in action.

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