Ignore And delete

Ignore And delete…

Dude seriously, are you just looking to get your account banned or something? Edit your post and get rid of the whole modded character not transferring, because it’s not ok.

Change it to let them know you are upset about the vibration glitch, seems some people would rather they work on that than fixing the framerates, collision, matchmaking, etc…

I just want it to be normal again, And this is a coop game, who cares if it’s modded or not? Look at pc, they can do it so can I imo lol

We (for the most part don’t) but this is an official GB forum and they frown quite heavily on it. It is viewed (correctly) as cheating and they get pretty testy about it.

Just a word of advice.

It’s not illegal, so people will keep doing it. For my part, I am an owner of all Borderlands games, on Pc, and both xboxes, so I keep the right of doing what I want with the games I pay to play.