I'll be the first to say it

Alani is was too Op. It’s ridiculous. 6 second 100% dr, slow, knock back with crazy damage for a healer and duh, self heal. I’m ghalt with my ult in her face and she was able to power through it and knock me up, slow me and kill me


It’s not 100% DR, it’s only 30%; the tooltip is bugged. It shows at 100% in the Command screen, but only 30% in a match.

However, after playing her in several matches, I do feel that her Q is a little bit much. Knockback + Heal + Speed + (Slow/Damage/Teleport) is a lot for one ability, especially since its available so often. I can cast it almost every 6-7s or so with the CD reduction Helix for Torrent.

It’s hard to say definitively, since she’s so new, but I do feel she might need some tweaking.


You are like the hundredth person to say it in the last hour.

I think the problem you had is that you tried to use a broken ult. There are a few videos floating around out there that show Ghalt’s ult just completely missing even at point blank range.

Her knock up takes a significant amount of time to actually happen, and even if she takes the faster upgrade, the AoE is relatively small. Unless you were at low health to begin with, Alani wouldn’t have been able to kill you that quickly.


If 100 people are saying it in the last hour, I think there is merit to the comments.


Or it means 100 people haven’t taken the time to learn how she works and how to counter her.


So far there is only one counter to healing. Galilea debuffs. She just got nerfed. Buff supply stations please. Don’t make healers required.


No, that’s just standard. I played Smite for several months and this thread appeared about every single new character without exception. The threads finally died down when players learned how to counter the new character.


Her heals are rather weak. Her stronger heals require her to dps and build up “combo points”. She’s fine.


You’re comparing to ghalt’s ult, which honestly is utter crap.
The only good aspect of this ability is the infinite ammo.

Anyway back at the character.
I won’t say she is OP but damn her wave ability is destroying my screen with all the effects.
Her CC seems pretty hard to use so… that’s ok for me.

it isnt just smite every game with even a moba skeleton this exact same thing happens, a new character comes out every one says op they either nerf them or tweak them a bit usually in small ways that dont change them at all the meta game mentality takes over and ever one thinks there crap 2 weeks in stops useing them the third and 4th week in you’ll start to see them again this exact thing happens almost every single time

Thank you for saying this

Just so we’re clear, I’m not saying she’s totally fine either. That would hold no more weight than people saying she’s OP. They could turn out to be right, but it’s much too soon for that.

My own impression so far is that she feels good, but not obscene. I love the utility she has, but I disagree with the initial post that her damage is crazy. What she does have with respect to damage that most healers don’t is some burst. None of them do massive damage as far as I can see, but you can combo them together fairly readily. That’s going to take some adjustment on the part of players.

Keep in mind that if she throw’s the kitchen sink at you and you avoid it, she may be left relatively weak, but it’s also going to be helpful to figure out if she an opponent has gone for the attack speed buff or the skill cooldown, because that will tell you how long before she gets stuff back.

…Aw come on, I’ve been playing her for hours and love this new character but I can do way more damage with Thorn.
Pretty please leave her alone. This is the sort of character I expected in Battleborn a year ago.


I just played a game where she dealt more damage than Oscar Mike, but did more healing than the other team’s Miko. Wat.

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There’s another one readily available to all chars, focus the healer. It works wonders especially on Alani.

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That statement isn’t useful without numbers. How long was the game? How much damage did she do? How much healing did she give?

really though lol…This happens in all forms of mobaesque games. Seriously shes incredibly balanced. Her knock up is really good but it takes a good while to actually hit…if youre not mindful enough to say oh…I should move out of the way instead of blasting her mindlessly with my shotgun till she dies thats your own fault along with the fact ghalts ult is inacurate af. Her slow is fine along with the speed shes a slow character…shes a slow character…she doesnt run like miko can run…Her wave heal is only a few ticks her auto isnt op…her ulti is really weak…what…what else do you want. Shes a utility character, Shes alright at everything.

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I completely agree with this. Supply station survivability could use a serious buff, not sure why the things are so damn squishy, they should be the most difficult stationary buildable to deal with imo.

I’d reccomend doubling the health/survivability of the station off the bat, and then maybe scale the health exponentially as it is upgraded. The way it is now they are super easy to range down and heal only a fraction of the speed and percent that any player-healer can achieve.

I’m assuming they haven’t buffed the speed at which they heal because it would allow for the most ranged players to simply camp the station and pick off enemies with no threat of dying.

It’s a balancing act. I’m sure the devs are thinking about it…

It doesnt need that much of a buff. It would make it near impossible to reclaim a comeback due to opp camping it and you not being able to do anything about it because you cant put down enough damage before its destroyed in incursion. A smaller buff maybe…but no where near what you want. Maybe require someone to be within a certain range of it to do damage to it.