I'll continue to promote this game until I'm blue in the face

Since even before Battleborn launched I’ve talked it up to anyone who will listen, and even a lot of people who won’t.
I love this game so much and I’ve never seen so much love and hard work poured in to a game from a dev team.
Every time I see some faux news site or youtuber blathering about all the preceived faults Battleborn has it pisses me off. How are people cool with trying so hard to kill such a great game. Most of the people I know who ■■■■ talk Battleborn have never even played it. They read ■■■■ articles and watch a-hole YouTube videos about it and take things people say at face value. This game is amazing and it has so much to offer, and it kills me to know that there are so many people who refuse to even try it based on outright false word of mouth information.
It’s even worse knowing that there are people who constantly compare it to games it shouldn’t be compared to. I play Overwatch, I like it a lot actually.
But Battleborn is SO different and has so much to offer. If you want to choose one over the other then fine, but why slander the other? To what end?
Why can’t you let others make their own opinions? For that matter, why can’t you try and enjoy both?

I’m glad to see the player numbers boosting in recent days and I really hope to see them keep rising. I don’t care what negative people say. This game is amazing and I’ll continue to post promotions on my social media. I’ll continue to tell anyone I see that they should give it a go.
I’ll continue to risk being berated over chat when I tell people on Overwatch that they should give Battleborn a go as well. This game is amazing and it has an amazing community and in my opinion it has the best dev team I’ve ever seen. I want the BB team to be able to give their fans even more ■■■■■■■. More Battleborn, more Story mission, more Ops. I want this game to get the recognition and the fan base it deserves.


Whenever I try to tell people about Battleborn I feel like a Jehovas witness.





I never thought about it like that but it makes sense. I once tried to tell some guy at work about Deande and he just looked at me, probably preparing to run in the event that I pulled out some sort of bible equivalent for whatever religion it appeared I was trying to convert him to.

I gave up after that and just told people I sit in my house and watch the paint peel off the wall for hours on end.


Maybe that’s why people keep slamming the door on my face…



You’re not alone. I have a buddy who says he just sits in a chair and stares at the wall in his free time. I hope he was joking.


I do that too… :I


If he WASN’T joking, look on the bright side: You now know why all the pets in your neighborhood have been mysteriously disappearing… :smirk:


I have a couple friends who really love Overwatch, Borderlands, and League of Legends. I tell them that Battleborn is an amazing mixture of great things from all three of those games, and they just ignore me like I have no idea what a good game is.
I posted a thing on Facebook and tagged over 50 friends telling them about the F2P multiplayer and that the campaign is only $30. I said I play primarily on XBox but I’d get the F2P trial on PS4 and Steam to play with friends and get them in to it because I love the game that much, and only like 3 people responded while most just ignored it entirely. The ones who DID respond were friends who I know love Overwatch and they legitimately laughed and ridiculed me saying they only had time for Overwatch and that Battleborn wasn’t a good game. How the hell can you know it’s not a good game if you’ve never played it even once? Why are all these people acting like sheep and refusing to experience something for themselves and form an opinion? I hate humans. lol
I just want to move to hang out with Aplians a Ekkuni.


Part of the problem is the game got a really bad rep. People left the game after experiencing the chain cc (just as an example) then spread the word about this “bad” game. Take any questionable balance decision, mode change, or rework since that made people angry and the word kept spreading. Dragon and Melka would be good examples


Tried the same with ppl i thought were my friends and would atleast try it.

Bb is f2p

But bb is not a good game

Says who?

Silence since then


I’m more of a Jehovah’s bystander.


I’m not sure how to respond to that. How will this person ever come to know Deande?


binge watches paint dry


I get much the same responses.
They either say the game suck (no it doesn’t and they wouldn’t know because they never played it,) they say they don’t have time to play it because they play Overwatch (BS. I work 60+ hours a week and still play both very regularly,) they say they wish Battleborn would die so Gearbox can just release Borderlands 3 already (it’s two different friggen games with two separate development teams and Battleborn’s success or failure will likely have no impact on Borderlands 3,) or they just make fun of me for playing Battleborn.


Right now i feel the same, they have never tried it and are just being ■■■■■■■■.

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I always felt Battleborn’s problem was that, unfortunately, it’s a mix of a lot of different games. You mention LoL, Overwatch, Borderlands.

My guess is people want a specific experience. I don’t want to play first person LOL, or Overwatch where I level and snowball the enemy team. I don’t want a loot system that felt tacked on (disclaimer, i only played up through the NA launch, I don’t know how it’s changed since the alpha/beta)

I had nothing bad to say about Battleborn. It just wasn’t the game I was looking for. I remember the first time I played the game, and saw that you leveled and picked up abilities, I was like, oh, no, this isn’t for me. If i want that kind of experience, I’ll play League. I said those words out loud to myself. I remember later playing a few games of Overwatch, and saying, this is what I hoped Battleborn had been.

I get the impression that most people weren’t looking for a new hybrid experience. It was unfortunate that it was getting media coverage alongside Overwatch, because that did it no favors.

I mean, I only dropped by today to see what the F2P hype was like in light of Penny Arcade ridiculing the game again.

I just sold Overwatch about a week ago. Maybe I’ll check out Battleborn now and see what’s changed since the beta.

Sweet, I got a cosplay for next years C2E2.

I bet i’ll even get punched.


Lol nice

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One thing I tell people not sure if it works but it’s freaking $9.99 for the base game on Amazon. That is two beers at a bar depending on where you live. They don’t need seasons pass right away. Buy the base game for dirt cheap. Then if you like still bone up for seasons pass.

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