I'll continue to promote this game until I'm blue in the face

What @dantesolar said. The game is pretty complex and has a lot of mechanics that need to be payed attention too. My gf loved Battleborn but moved to Overwatch because there were less mechanics and no level system or gear and the match types weren’t as complex. That appealed to her more. I don’t think she’s wrong to think that, that’s in fact why I play both. When I want fast paced quick matches with twitch reflex and high kill ■■■■■■, Overwatch is the clear choice over Battleborn. When I want high risk high reward strategic matches, or if I want to run some good ole fashioned mob grinding PVE I pop in Battleborn. I understand that it’s a very different game than Overwatch and not for everyone, I’m just saying that even though someone may not like it that doesn’t mean it’s not a great game, and it pisses me off to see so many media outlets bashing it because it’s not a carbon copy of Overwatch while symaltabiously saying it’s a ■■■■ game because it’s not a carbon copy of Overwatch. That makes no sense and it’s a dick move. lol
I play both Overwatch and Battleborn because they really are very different games that just have a similar face and I love them both for very different reasons.
I play Battleborn much more because the complexity of Battleborn is what appealed to me most. I love the thought and prep that goes in to picking not only the right character, but the right gear and helix choices to suit your play style and needs. But they’re both amazing games and people should chill out and give it a try. Or at the very least not try to smash the game in to Oblivion because Yahtzee said Overwatch is better.
That’s like comparing GTA to LA Noir because they both involve crime, guns, and cars. They shouldn’t be compared so closely.
But I’m done ranting. lol
If you’re on XBox and you hop back on and ever want someone to play with just let me know. My gamer tag is Aiienonymous. (But capital i’s.)
Or if you’re on PSN and want to play Overwatch again, my PSN is Allenonymous. (Actually L’s that time. lol.)


you are right. it’s not for everyone, but if it’s for you. boy is it for you. this game appeals to niche market. but if you like the complexity of more MOBA type game then this one needs to be tried. the only reason people linked it to overwatch was it’s label “hero shooter” which techincally is true but BB has way more level than that. i like overwatch too if i want a short, fast, pvp game i can hop in and out if i dont have a lot of time. if i do have a lot of time BB is my choice because it’s so much more satisfying. Besides the heroes in BB are much more intriguing to me. the character lines are what put it over the top.

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I was looking at the reviews on the Xbox store after Battleborn went free trial and surprisedly I noticed a whole lot of 1 stars. I open them and realize all of them were from Overwatch fanboys. It’s a shame that those players provide negative reviews when they haven’t even tried playing the game with an open mind. Instead they are bias with their easy to kill pvp gameplay.


Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord & savior, MINREC?


YES! My new slogan!

I managed to convince some people and here`s the gist of the main complaint:
The Matchmaking system. SUCKS!

It still uses the same awkward search algorithm of finding 5 people and then another 5 to play against instead of 10 and evenly distributing them. Also my Newbie Friends are being turned away by the fact that they a) have to play vs bots more than 1 match b) even the bot queue seems to take forever to find a game.

Plus this silent release. I really hope it works out well, but just more than 1K players on pc is not great.

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I’ve been saying this a lot, but if Gearbox had done better marketing then we wouldn’t have to promote this game for them. Good game, just bad advertising.

Yea it really is such an amazing game.

Gearbox wasn’t in charge of the marketing


Even so, the point stands. The marketing could have done better, and would have surely helped the game.

Yep. And that’s why you’ll find very few fans of 2K in this forum.

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@TheRAbbi Preach it :raised_hands::raised_hands:

A friend told me about the F2P on PS4. I played the beta, but didn’t buy it. I love the different characters, just not the game. I’ve just felt like the devs were trying too much to cast a big net and have a game that pulls inspiration from many games. But never really finds it’s footing, and falls flat. Overwatch, Battleborn, and Paladins are all great games, but uniquely different. Everyone has a favorite cup of tea. I’ll still be playing some because it’s free and I love playing Rayna as well as most of the other supports or defenders. But I think this was a last hurrah for this game.


have fun y’all. I’ve played the heck out of battleborn and hope for
a sequel eventually.

currently messing with destiny again and waiting for part 2
to arrive in September.

if some new story content releases for battleborn, i’ll poke
my head in and check it out. :smile:

Be careful with destiny. I spent a lot of time with the first one but it is ultimately a loot grind. If you are busy and can’t play consistently it’s very easy to fall behind to the level of uselessness. That being said I had a lot of good memories with the first two raids and the gunplay is what keeps the interest.

trying for a couple of full-auto pulse rifles. I’ve got a hopscotch pilgrim now and
hope to get an oversoul’s edict. 2 tries on the crota raid last night, but no luck. :smile:

the hopscotch pilgrim is a lot like whiskey foxtrot’s rifle.

Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour Solus ?

So this is How they feel like ? xD Hopefully i got all my friends to take it. It’s a relief to see that i’m not the only one to feel that way. I never though to join this forum before. Better late than never :slight_smile: Battleborn ftw, my personal Last year goty :slight_smile: Thx gearbox, and Tyu all that make this beautiful game to live. Best regards from France.