I'll support you while....you support me?

My friend and I did it! We finished OP8 as Krieg and Gaige! We finished the main game but most importently we finished those Raid bosses <3 together as a team…oh lord that was hard -_-

We’re planning on making it back to OP8 again, as different characters. I already know who I’m gonna be…one of my favorite characters of all time Axton. My friend however is still trying to figure out who he wants to be, it’s a mix up between Maya or Zero.

So just a general question, how well will our quest be with Axton and either Maya or Zero together? I mean with Krieg and Gaige I overpowered enemies with my melee strength, while my friend overpowered them with his Anarchy… we finished things quite quickly I must say :slight_smile:

With the choices we have right now however…I’m a support character and my friend is—also a support character lol

Axton + Maya would be my first choice, especially going all the way through. Actually, anyone + Maya would be my first choice!


Would that be a good combo? I know Maya can instant revive teammates with her phaselock but how well is she teamed up with Axton?

Well, Maya has two best ways to slag in the whole game while Axton has very good non-elemental boosts. They complement each other very well. Also, as Axton is awesome with shotguns, Maya’s battlefield control with Converge (Which is even cooler than Res in my opinion) lets both Axtom himself AND his turrets make short work of enemies. Especially if sub-sequence is there.

Depends on how your friend is playing Zero. If he’s sniping, your turret may become a nuisance to him if you spec into scorched earth as it makes it difficult to find crit spots (this was a problem when I did a Zero/ Axton playthrough with my brother. Had to spec out of it).

Otherwise, they pair quite well together. Axton can go into the crowd, divide the aggro 2 (3 with Gemini) ways, slag, and tank. With his movement speed, he can dart from enemy to enemy drawing aggro while Zero follows behind him finishing off the weakened enemies.

Axton and Maya each work best when enemies are controlled. They’re also the two best classes for controlling the field. They basically set each other free. Fantastic pairing.