I'll take your trash

Does anyone have any extra M10 guns like a Lob, Kaoson, Sandhawk or OPQ System at M10 that I could just have for now? Nothing spectacular, just something to help mp me get past where I’m at. I’m stuck at about level M6 and just cannot gain any traction farming m7 and above.

I can return the loot or the favor down the road once I’m geared up at M10 or if I see anything you’re looking for.

gamertag: AmazingDKSWW

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What character/build are you using ?

Zane. Standard build for DPS and speed.

I got you brother,I have tons of mayhem 10 weapons, class mods shields,grenade mods
I’ll send you some of the stuff your asking for plus extra stuff now.

Also if you need something specific just let me know I’ll do my best to help out :slight_smile:

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Nice, I’ll take anything lol

I screwed up, my GT is AmazingDKSWW on Xbox 1

No problem at all ,I’ll add you now buddy

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Sent you a M10 Kason with +200% ASA rn.

I’ll check in my bank for more once I’m done farming Traunt :slight_smile:


Sent you about 10 different weapons, couple 100 cryo sntl in there,I hope they help you out.
Like I said if there’s anything specific your looking for just let me know buddy :slight_smile:


did you get the corrected GT? It’s AmazingDKSWW

Thank you!

thank you!

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That’s why I love this community!